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Chadwell Community Forum 50/50 Club constitution July 2018


1.     The Club will be operated by Chadwell St. Mary Community Forum Ltd (“the Forum”) under the aegis of lottery license no. 964 granted by Thurrock Council;

2.     The administration of the club will be delegated to two members of the Forum’s committee from time to time, the two members being independent of one another;

3.     Membership of the Club will be open to all residents of Chadwell St Mary ward aged 18 and above on completion of a bank standing-order mandate and acceptance of this by the administrators.  Membership may be terminated by the administrators at any time.  Should the member wish to cancel his/her membership then this shall be done in writing to the administrators giving one calendar month’s notice.

4.     The minimum monthly contribution to the Club shall be £5.00 per member, the maximum £50.00.  All contributions must be made by banker’s order and details of the Forum’s relevant bank account will be provided;

5.     The monthly draw will be made not late than the 12th day of the succeeding month by and in the presence of both administrators.  The amount of the monthly prize-fund will be 50% of the aggregate of monthly contributions received for the month in question, and will be divided into 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes, the prizes ranking proportionately.  Prize-winners will be notified as soon as possible, and in any event not later than the last calendar day of the month in which the draw is made.  Notification will be by the most expedient means available to the administrators, and prize money will normally be distributed by cheques against the winners’ receipts’;

6.     After distribution of the prize-fund the balance of that month’s contributions, not exceeding 50% of the total, shall be transferred to the Forum’s principal bank account, and the funds shall be designated Unrestricted in the Forum’s accounts in that they can be disbursed for purposes in accordance with the Forum’s objectives as agreed by the Forum’s Committee at a properly constituted meeting;

7.     If the administrators are unable to contact a prize-winner, or if a prize-winner’s cheque remains unpresented after six months have elapsed from the date the draw was made then any amount of undrawn prize-money shall be added to the prize-fund for the following month’s draw;

8.     Regular returns of all activity of the Club will be made as required to Thurrock Council, and the Council will be entitled to examine all records relating to the Club at any time subject only to any restrictions that may be imposed by the General Data Processing Regulations of May 2018;

9.     Any member wishing to query the operation of the Club may do so in writing to The Forum or to Thurrock Council, although the Forum reserves the right not to divulge any information relating to third parties without express consent being given.  The Forum will facilitate investigations of any queries in all other respects;

10. All data provided by member of the Club shall be held by the Forum in accordance with the terms of the General Data Processing Regulations of May 2018.  English law shall apply to the Club.

11. This constitution shall be reviewed biennially by the Forum’s Committee at a properly constituted Committee meeting and any amendments agreed will be then implemented.

12. Contact for the Forum:

·         Phone 07926-361002;

·         Email secretary@chadwellcf.org.uk



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