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Meeting Minutes

Here are the minutes from the Orsett Community Forum meetings.


Minutes of AGM 2nd April 2019

1. For health and safety reasons the fire exit door at the rear of the Churches Hall was pointed out to everyone.

2. The minutes of the previous Open Forum Meeting (15 January 2019) were shown and agreed.

3. A talk by Rob Groves representing Friends of Thurrock Parks to help manage and run green spaces was given. He looks after Hardy Park in Stanford-le-Hope, where Hardy Park has vanquished vandals with flowers and become the centre of the community. They have a cafe and petanc play area. He invites the Forum to join the Friends group and be part of the conversation about funding. Orsett Recreation Park would benefit. There is a meeting with Thurrock Council Parks Officers next month. There may be £0.5 million of funding spread around the Green Spaces of Thurrock. Rob has passed us his contact details.
It was also noted the Cricket Club have the official opening ceremony on 26th April at the Recreation Park.
Also there was a question of whether the Bowling Club should be included in this grouping, especially as the ground may not be safe from housing development.
Another park funding source may be to ask the Lower Thames Crossing development management to include Park Development in their budget.

4. Laura Blake told us the Lower Thames Crossing consultation may may reappear in a targeted local way for a few weeks duration because of changes to the Rectory Road/Orsett Show Ground proposal. We shall see.

5. Peter Still will organise the Fun Run on Sunday 9th June. Funds raised will go to a new Defibrillator - maybe £250. Added to funds from Pickwick and Rotary and Howards & Sons Funerals we should reach £1400. Lesley Mansfield told us this is the cost and we expect to place the Defibrillator outside Howards & Sons, secure and central in the village.

6. The Orsett Christmas Fayre has been be allocated 30th November. Not enough volunteers have yet come forward so a request should soon be placed on Facebook. Also it was requested that the Forum should create its own Facebook Page or Web Site.

7. The Orsett Forum Annual Accounts displayed at the meeting showed the last Fayre revenue was £2525 whereas expenses for the Fayre were £913. The Annual Accounts were read out. Income over Expenditure for 2018-19 is £2358. So on top of an existing balance from 2017-18 the total funds available on 2 April 2019 in the Forum account ..... £3459.

8.  Forum Officers were retired and Kim Towlson organised new officers to be elected, results as follows:    
  Chairman.................. Angela Wilson (proposed Joe Pigg, 2nd Laura Blake)
   Vice.       ..................Joe Pigg (proposed Laura Blake, 2nd Dot Blake)
   Treasurer..................Alan Peaford (proposed Joe Pigg, 2nd Peter Still}
   Secretary .................Letrois Bernard (proposed Leslie Mansfield, 2nd Joe Pigg)

And the committee as before: Peter Still, Mel Williams; Keith Francis; Tony Phillips; Dave Pavitt; Ralph Henderson

9. Other business was to welcome the new 30mph speed limit for Mill Lane. Also to note the new proposed Petanque area for the Recreation Park is a work in progress. Finally, the dates for the next Open Meetings at the Churches Hall (8pm) are: 3 July, 11 September and 6 November.




INCOME 2018-2019

Fun Run sponsorship £ 274.00

Orsett Show Raffle £ 113.00

Admin Grant (Thurrock Council) £ 960.00 (see note 1)

Orsett Fayre Revenues £2525.00 (see note 3)



Meeting Room Hire £ 75.00

Donation to Church Room (Fun Run) £ 275.00

Donation to Village Hall (Fun Run) £ 250.00 (see note 2)

Orsett Fayre Expenditure £ 913.98 (see note 3)


INCOME over EXPENDITURE 2018-19 £2,358.02

Balance carried over from 2017-18 £ 1,101.31

TOTAL FUNDS AVAILABLE £3459.33(see note 4)


(1) There were two payments by Thurrock Council of £480 towards administration costs. The first of these was due from 2017

(2) The Village Hall donation was raised from the 2017 Fun Run but was not presented until 2018.

(3) Orsett Fayre breakdown.

a. INCOME: Stall sales £455; Tombola £2051; Misc donation £19 Total: £2525

b. EXPENDITURE: Printing 71.98; Lighting £500; Entertainers £100; License fees and rubbish collection £81; Panto tickets (Prize) £28; Refund £25. Total £913.98

(4) The Forum’s funds are held as follows:

a. Held in Barclays Community Account as of 1/13/19 £3,398.33

b. Held in Petty Cash as of 1/3/19 £ 61.00



Tuesday 15th January 19

Meeting Minutes

Meeting begins: 20:15pm

Attendees: 25+ residents

Apologies: The Whitmore Arms, Alan Peaford (Treasurer)

Chairwoman Angela Wilson (AW) welcomed residents.


Richard and Dan from Keir gave a presentation showing how the A13 widening between Orsett and Stanford Le Hope will progress. They answered questions in detail and outlined how they are trying to minimise traffic in local villages. The A13 will be widened to three lanes in each direction. There will be some traffic signals at the Orsett Cock Roundabout various speed restrictions on the A13 and Stanford Road whilst works are continuing. Kim Towlson, Chair of Horndon Forum is liaising with Thurrock Borough Council re traffic management through the villages.


Alan Peaford, Treasurer of Orsett Forum, sent a note to the meeting regarding the Forum finances. There is currently £3200 in the forum bank account. Much of this has come from hosting the Orsett Christmas Fayre.


The committee thanked residents for supporting the event.


Alan Peaford sent a note regarding the progress with getting faster internet speeds to the village. This is an ongoing project and the Forum would like to thank Cllrs Little and Johnson for their help in rolling this out.


Laura Blake, Thames Crossing Action Group, gave an update regarding the LTC consultation. Highways England received 26,000 responses and are currently analysing all the responses. There will then be targeted consultations regarding smaller changes. There is also a possibility of a judicial review being undertaken by Thurrock Borough Council against Highways England.


Bulphan: An application has been made to build around 116 homes between Church Road and Brentwood Road (A128), Bulphan.

Orsett: An idea to place a mini roundabout at the Prince Charles Avenue, Rectory Road junction will not be supported by the council due to there not being a highways need for such a measure.

Meeting closed at 21:15pm





Open Meeting and

Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 3rdApril 2018

Meeting Minutes

Meeting begins: 20:00pm

Attendees: 20 residents

Apologies: Cllrs Brian & Sue Little (Orsett Ward, Thurrock Borough Council), The Whitmore Arms, Jackie Fill, Jackie Firmin, The Foxhounds Pub.

Alan Peaford (AP) welcomes residents

Lower Thames Crossing

Matt Jackson and Peter Still presented the new Highways England video to the audience showing the route as it stands at the moment. It is likely that the formal consultation will start around August 2018. The Thurrock Task Force meet every month in the council offices and Highways England are seeking to bring a mobile centre to the village to engage with residents about the plans.

Outdoor Gym

Thanks to the hard work of Francis Wilson the outdoor gym is now OPEN!

The official opening ceremony will take place on Sunday 8thApril 2018 at 1pm at the new gym site on School Lane.

Cricket Club

Dave Pavitt updated residents on the cricket club works.

The trees have all been moved and a new hedge replanted along the back fence of the cricket club. The new pitch will be ready for 2019 whilst the football pitch will be ready for October 2018.

Joe Pigg mentioned the need to be vigilant regarding young people using the suite for legal high taking and suggested that CCTV may catch them and act as a strong deterrent. Angela Wilson suggested inviting the local police to the next open meeting.


AP discussed that the broadband plans are in full swing for the village with faster internet speeds reaching most parts of the village within 12 months. The hospital estate fibre work is still being completed. AW thanked AP fort all his hard work on delivering this for the village.

Orsett Hospital

Mel Williams discussed the future of the site. The consultation ended March 2018 and an outcome will be expected in May 2018. Many residents expressed views that a rethink to closing the hospital was needed.

Fun Run

Peter Still discussed plans for this year’s fun run through the village and explained that profits raised will go to the Orsett Parish Church roof appeal. The date will be Sunday 10thJune 2018. Vicar Sue Mann will also be running followed by a short church service on the village pound. There will be a shorter route for children this year which will be up and down Pound Lane. The event is sponsored by Howard and Sons, Orsett Village.

Orsett Christmas Fayre

The proposed that will be Saturday 8thDecember 2018.

As a forum we want his event to grow into something that benefits the whole Orsett Community.

Financial Report

Francis Wilson reported the annual accounts of the Orsett Village Forum. The forum will also ask Thurrock Borough Council for a grant for admin that we are entitled to but have never claimed.


The AGM for the Orsett Village Forum was held and the results are as follows:




Proposed by:

Seconded by:



Alan Peaford

Angela Wilson

Dot Blake

Anne Waller


Keith Francis

Joe Pigg

Bill Styles

Angela Wilson


Angela Wilson

Letrois Bernard

Keith Francis

Tracey Pigg


Francis Wilson

Alan Peaford

Joe Pigg

Matt Jackson


Joe Pigg

Francis Wilson



Peter Still

Peter Still



Mel Williams

Mel Williams



Letrois Bernard

Keith Francis




Tony Phillips




Dave Pavitt




Ralph Henderson


All nominations were accepted

Kim Towlson will inform TAF

New Chair, Angela Wilson thanked outgoing chair Alan Peaford for all his hard work over the past two years.

Meeting closed at 21:15pm

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday 3rdJuly 2018




Special Open Meeting


Tuesday 13rdFebruary 2018

Meeting Minutes

Meeting begins: 19:30pm

Attendees: 40 residents approx

Francis Wilson welcomes residents

The NHS Mid Essex CCG Group agreed to visit the village to make a presentation to residents and neighbouring villagers regarding the changes to NHS provision in Mid and South Essex. This included future plans for healthcare within Thurrock including Orsett Hospital.

The presentation discussed the plans for the local NHS Trust to close Orsett Hospital and move facilities to various sites around the borough in the form of new Integrated Health Hubs. The four locations will be:

1. North Grays (Long Lane)

2. Corringham

3. Tilbury

4. Purfleet

Each new centre would have up to date modern facilities and could specialise in certain areas of care such as Phlebotomy, eye clinic etc

The emphasis from the local trust is to care for more patients at home and therefore the need for Orsett Hospital is becoming less and less.

The general view from the local NHS trust and Thurrock CCG is that Orsett hospital is outdated and the buildings would cost too much to bring them up to date. The location of the hospital was also mentioned as was the emphasis is bringing care closer to communities.

The presentation and feedback session lasted around 45 minutes and the forum would like to thank the presenters for attending.

Residents General Views:

1. Changes are driven by money not healthcare

2. Orsett Hospital could be updated and it would be cheaper than building new hubs elsewhere within Thurrock

3. Orsett Hospital is in a perfect location and could be improved with more services added which would take the strain away from Basildon Hospital

4. Orsett Hospital could become a specialist unit, e.g. dealing with elderly patient care

5. Orsett Hospital could be better utilised with wards being used for extra bed space rather than having a portion of the hospital laying empty whilst Basildon struggles with space

6. A new larger doctors surgery could be built on part of the site if the hospital is to close down

7. It is unlikely that Thurrock will end up with more services. Promises by the healthcare officials will be broken once the hospital is shut

8. With decades of roadworks in the pipeline for Thurrock getting to these new hubs would prove challenging

9. Will there be enough car parking at these new health hubs

Francis Wilson urged all residents to make their voices heard in the consultation. Paper copies of the consultation were available at the meeting.

Lower Thames Crossing

Kim Towlson discussed the Lower Thames Crossing and explained that changes have been made to the route. There has been a lowering of the road around Orsett and Baker Street but these plans are subject to change. Francis Wilson urged residents to mention to keep the road very low when engaging with the consultation later in the year.

Outdoor Gym

Work to the outdoor gym is occurring and the gym should be ready for use very soon. Once again, the Orsett Village Forum would like to thank Francis Wilson for his hard work in bringing this new facility to the village. There was also pictures of what the new gym will look like circulated around the room.

Cricket Club

The Cricket Club works are also ongoing.

Joe Pigg raised the issue of litter around the club. The Forum will take up this point with the Cricket Club. It is imperative that their grounds are well maintained and litter free.

Fun Run

Peter Still discussed plans for this year’s fun run through the village.

The date will be Sunday 10thJune 2018.

Meeting closed at 8:40pm

NEXT MEETING and AGM: Tuesday 3rdApril 2018




Open Forum Meeting

Friday 5th January 2018

Meeting begins: 20:00pm

Attendees: 25 residents

Apologies: Cllrs Brian & Sue Little (Orsett Ward, Thurrock Borough Council), The Whitmore Arms, The Foxhound

Alan Peaford (AP) welcomes residents

High Road Resurfacing

Vice Chairman Keith Francis discussed the condition of the recently resurfaced High Road, through the Village and Baker Street. A note from Cllr B Little mentioned that only the section of the road which needed urgent attention was resurfaced. Thurrock Borough Council were not happy with the quality of the work and therefore have not paid the contractor. It is Orsett Forum’s understanding that TBC are going to wait until winter has passed to redo the resurfacing. Residents agreed that the works were of a poor quality and KF is happy to pursue this with issue with the council on behalf of the village Forum and the residents.

Orsett Christmas Fayre

AP asked residents for feedback. Residents agreed that there was an access issue with St Giles Close. This is something which the Forum agreed with and will seek to rectify if the Fayre is to go ahead in December 2018. Overall the feedback was very positive and many in attendance were happy for the fayre to go ahead in December 2018. AP and Kim Towlson both agreed that all residents in the road closure area of the High Road will be notified via a letter before any planning takes place.

The proposed date will be Saturday 8th December 2018.

As a forum we want his event to grow into something that benefits the whole Orsett Community.

Angela Wilson thanked everyone who helped with the Tombola, especially those who helped to label up the prizes as well as those generous villagers who donated some fantastic prizes. AP thanked the committee of the Forum especially Angela Wilson for her hard work. AP also thanked Jackie Fill, Tracey Pigg, Kim Towlson, The Whitmore Arms and The Foxhound for all coming together to make the event a success.

The Orsett Village Christmas Fayre raised £1150.

Lower Thames Crossing

A meeting with Highways England and the Orsett Forum will take place on Monday 15th January so AP asked residents if there are any particular questions that we should be asking HE. Laura Blake and KT discussed the changes to the red line map.

There will be a formal consultation in 2018. Residents are urged to respond.

AP stressed that the Forum needs to be supporting the views of the task force and the residents, whilst Francis Wilson explained the pollution implications that this scheme may have on the village. Joe Pigg made a good point regarding construction traffic staying away from our villages if this plan is to go ahead. It is worth noting that it is unlikely that anything will happen until 2021/2.

There was still support for Option D, a crossing between Kent and Canvey Island, linking to the A130 and Janet McCheyne also stated that this was the popular view within Bulphan as well.


AP explained that the contract between the Orsett Forum and BT Openreach has been signed. The Hospital Estate is to get fibre to home provision, a process which is currently taking place. Fibre optic cables are also going into other cabinets around the village. Due to having a school in the area Orsett qualified for a grant whereby BT paid 75% of the cost to install the cables. Therefore, Orsett Forum will pay £4000 towards the cost. This amount has been covered by  community fund-raising. BT will also maintain the cables and the cabinets in the village.

AW thanked AP for being the catalyst to getting better broadband provision in the village.

AP thanked both Cllrs Littles and Leader of the Council for their help.

Orsett Hospital

Mel Williams discussed the future of the site and the Essex Success Regime. A consultation has been launched ending in March 2018. There is still a threat of closure but nothing solid has been mentioned so we will await the conclusion of the consultation. Residents are urged to take part in the consultation. There will also be an event at the Civic Hall, Blackshots, Grays on Wednesday 24th January between 18:30 – 20:30pm providing more details about the idea of four health hubs throughout the Thurrock District rather than one base at Orsett. The figure quoted to maintain Orsett Hospital is around £10m. Some residents suggested that Orsett be a centre for elderly care where everything can be done all under one roof rather than spreading such care across health hubs.

MW suggested that it may be a good idea to get one the NHS representatives to attend the next Forum meeting.

Google www.nhsmidandsouthessex.co.uk for more information.

Fun Run

Peter Still discussed last year’s fun run through the village and explained that profits raised went to the Village Hall. The date will be Sunday 10th June 2018. Residents were asked to think of ideas where profits made could be used within the community. Mel Williams suggested that the distance could be shortened for children. It was proposed that the Church Roof would be a good cause, if the church agreed to not hold its 11.00h service at St Giles on that day.

Other Projects

The outdoor gym and Cricket Club remodelling is due to go ahead soon. A grant of £58k was given to the Cricket Club and the Forum. The outdoor gym is to be located between the cricket clubhouse and the playground. There was a feeling that the Cricket Club could have publicised the consultation more so residents could have their say but it was acknowledged by the forum that the consultation on the plans was not broadcast by the council themselves.

The forum is also trying to assist Tracey Pigg at the Village Hall in applying for a grant to replace the village hall kitchen.

The forum will also work with TBC to help with clearer road markings and/or signage to stop people speeding down Mill Lane and turning the wrong way out of the village hall car park.

Joe Pigg mentioned the Cricket Club needs to be more responsible for litter in that area. This is something that the Forum agreed with and are sure that the Cricket Club will take note of this fact.

Orsett Village Forum would also like to thank the Orsett in Bloom team for all they do throughout the village, especially their monthly litter picks which is on the first Monday of the month.

Meeting closed at 21:30pm






 Orsett Forum Meeting


Thursday 14th September 2017

Meeting begins: 20:15pm

Attendees: 25 residents

Apologies: Keith Francis (Vice-Chairman, Orsett Forum), Angela Wilson (Secretary, Orsett Forum), Jackie Fill, Jackie Firmin, Rob Dyer, Dave Paddock, Cllr Brian Little (Orsett Ward, Thurrock Borough Council) & The Whitmore Arms.

Alan Peaford (AP) welcomes residents

Fast Broadband

Michael Snaith discussed the Regional Network Solutions Program which he is working on in conjunction with Thurrock Borough Council (TBC) to identify places within the borough with poor broadband speeds. It was noted that much of Orsett is poorly covered. The discussion highlighted that the council are engaging with BT about enabling their cabinets which would allow for faster speeds. BT have stated that it is unlikely to do this before 2019.

Another idea was to liaise with Virgin Media as they are keen to provide services for new developments.

He also explained about the use of church spires for masts and has been engaging with Superfast Essex about the lack of funding that has been given to Thurrock through this government led scheme. Even if the forum does apply it is unlikely to be implemented until 2019 as well.

Lastly Michael discussed the BT Openreach Community Fibre Fund. Community groups can apply to open cabinets which would allow for faster speeds. The council is not allowed to apply on behalf of a particular community. By applying for this scheme there would be no cost to the forum. Residents were asked their thoughts on the subject and seemed in agreement that something has to be done about the slow broadband in and around the village. The aim would be to apply by October 2017 and if successful funding could be in place by 2018. BT will match any funding the council will raise. TBC have maps and data which highlights which cabinets are still closed and therefore which would be the best to enable. Michael and AP to liaise further.


Francis Wilson tells residents that the Orsett Forum has £4000.00 in the bank.

Orsett Cricket Club: The forum has applied to TBC for a community grant to help with the reconfiguration of the cricket field and football pitch at Orsett Cricket Club as well as an outdoor gym. Every house in the village will be leafleted. The removal of any hedges and/or trees will be subject to a public consultation. So far, the scheme has vast local support from residents, Orsett CE School, local councillors and the Orsett Cricket Club members themselves. It was highlighted that any objections may be due to the loss of wildlife however the plan is to try and keep 100m of existing hedge as well as adding a new adjoining hedge along the allotment boundary. This would actually make the location far greener as it would eventually hide the silver fencing currently separating the cricket club from the allotment site.

Orsett Cricket Club are taking advice from Essex, Thurrock and Orsett in Bloom to ensure that removing the hedge and trees are done properly and will also be liaising with the Orsett Allotment Committee when looking at planting new hedges and trees. The cricket club are very keen for the community to be involved in this project. Th aim would be to start in the late autumn subject to a public consultation around late November 2017.

Outdoor gym: It is intended that the outdoor gym will be much used. FW also states that the forum as applied for a £5k Tesco grant and an outdoor gym company has been found.

Mast applications

The location for a mast along the Stanford Road, Southfields has gone quiet and a new application has arisen on land near the Orsett Exchange on School Lane, Orsett Village. This mast will be 20m shorter than the last proposal on this site last year. Councillor Sue Little explained that the mast near Southfields had not been submitted to the council. This new mast would be for Telefonica and Vodafone. As a community we cannot object on health grounds only on aesthetic design.

Orsett Christmas Fayre

AP ran through a brief summary and the timeline for the event on Saturday 9th December 2017. It was agreed that Julie Carroll is happy to have Santa’s Sleigh in the Foxhound’s Car Park again. There will be live music in The Foxhound from 5pm to 8pm.

Mark Dvorkin will be in charge of stall locations again this year whilst Joe Pigg will arrange for lighting behind the church wall. FW stated that stall lighting has been arranged early this year and Kim Towlson is looking at trailers for staging and will take care of car parking arrangements. Matt Jackson will work on stage equipment and sound and Dot Blake will help to create a small program.

Church Roof Appeal

AP highlights that Orsett CE Church are currently looking for donations to maintain the church roof. Works will cost around £100k.

Any Other Business

Orsett Hospital

Mel Williams explains the process that is currently taking place which is looking at NHS services in South and Mid Essex. So far there will be no change to health provision in South and Mid Essex. The consultation is still ongoing about the future of Orsett Hospital.

Lower Thames Crossing

KT briefly explained Option C and A14. It was felt that we must all support the A14 route as this would have excellent benefits for both the village and Thurrock. More to come at the next meeting.

Meeting closed at 21:45pm



Open Forum Meeting

Thursday 29th June 2017

Meeting begins: 20:15pm

Attendees: 34 residents

Apologies: Keith Francis (Vice-Chairman, Orsett Forum), Matt Jackson (Bonners Residents Association), Cllr Sue Little (Orsett ward councillor, Thurrock Borough Council)

Alan Peaford (AP) welcomes residents

Community Grants

AP explains that Orsett Forum will bid for a portion of the £300k community grant funding which will be made available for community led groups. An outdoor gym in the village could be a good use of such funding as discussed at previous forum meetings. AP asks residents in attendance for other ideas.

Essex Village of the Year 2017

Letrois Bernard updates attendees on the progress of Orsett’s entry into the Essex Village of the Year 2017 competition. He states that he is to go to an RCCE event in Chelmsford on Wednesday 5th July where more info will be given on the progress of the competition.

Lower Thames Crossing (LTC) & Transport

Joe Pigg reads a letter from Vice-Chair Keith Francis regarding the Lower Thames Crossing. The letter states that Kent CPRE would like to join forces financially with Essex CPRE to challenge the crossing legally. Kim Towlson, Horndon Forum Chair, speaks about the LTC Action Group which has grown to include 9500 Facebook followers. KT explains that the recent general election has halted progress but stresses that Highways England (HE) are very keen to work with Thurrock groups, including the council to ensure that the crossing is not a hindrance on Thurrock. HE and the Thurrock Road Users Group have been in talks regarding mitigation features such as ‘green bridges’ and the potential new road being placed in ditches. There will be a second consultation in 2018 and a legal process in 2019 so no building is going to take place for at least two years.

Sheila Fursedonne asks about CPOs being issued to some residents around Baker Street to which Cllr Brian Little gives more information about how they work to residents. He states that HE is currently doing design work and really want to cooperate with residents. They are looking at the planned Baker Street junction and mitigation. Cllr Little asks what things should we ask for from HE?

Matt Jackson proposes a question as to why Thurrock Borough Council are not working with HE. Cllr Brian Little responds by saying that the council are still opposed to the crossing as are Thurrock’s two MPs but it is unlikely that the decision will be overturned. Residents also comment on the increase of traffic along the A128 once the new crossing is up and running. Cllr Brian Little explains that Thurrock Borough Council are looking at it. Joe Pigg asks about the A13 road widening to which Cllr Brian Little says that it is due to happen in the Autumn 2017 and will be run by Thurrock Borough Council. Residents also raise concerns about air quality in the borough which the council are currently looking at tackling.

Orsett Hospital

Mel Williams explains the process that is currently taking place which is looking at NHS services in South and Mid Essex. There will be a consultation later in the year regarding health services in the county, including how Orsett Hospital is used and whether it will be earmarked for closure. No decision has been made to close Orsett Hospital yet and the success of Orsett very much depends on Basildon Hospital.

Peter Still asks about the new health hub idea. Mel Williams explains that there is a proposal for four new health hubs located in Corringham, Grays, Purfleet and Tilbury. Cllr Brian Little states that Orsett Hospital must not close until these new health facilities are up and running. This is supported by all at Thurrock Borough Council.

Orsett & Thurrock Cricket Club

A presentation is given by Wayne Gibbon, Dave Pavitt and Roger White regarding changing the layout of the cricket pitches, moving a hedge and trees and the turning of the football pitch to accommodate expansion.

This plan has been brought about due to the cricket club no longer able to use the field on the corner of Mill Lane and School Lane, Orsett Village.

Small packs detailing the proposals have been handed out to residents in attendance.

AP asks if all greenery will be removed professionally. All three members state that all hedges and trees will be safely removed and replanted so nothing will be lost but due to being unable to use their current second field, they have no choice but to seek alternatives if the club is going to continue to grow. Residents ask about the use of the field at Blackshots, North Grays or buying the leased field. The members state that they do have use of the field at Blackshots but it is far easier to operate from one location. They also have the funding to buy the leased field but the owner does not currently want to sell it to them.

There will be no change to residents’ access around the fields near the cricket club.

Susan Olney and Mel Williams both state the benefits of the club to the village, the plans will not interfere with the recreation ground.

Francis Wilson mentions funds for the work could be gained through Tesco community funding and Sue Schwar states that the Woodland Trust gives trees for community projects.

Overall there was vast support for the plans by the residents in attendance with many highlighting the positive benefits the cricket club has on village life and its positive involvement with the community. The Orsett Forum committee was also in agreement that the plans to help retain and grow the cricket club within Orsett have the support of the Orsett Forum. The Forum is also happy to help apply for community grants available to help with the proposed works. The committee agreed that the cricket club is a valuable community asset which brings people together and helps support village integration. However, the forum committee was very clear that this support is subject to the safe and environmentally friendly removal of the hedge and trees currently on the site, to another suitable site within the grounds of the cricket club. The Orsett Forum was also reassured that the removal of the hedge and trees will be done at the right time of year by a professional company.

Orsett Christmas Fayre 2017

AP explains that another Christmas fayre will take place in the village on Saturday 9th December 2017 from 2p,m-6pm. Better lighting has already been sought and the forum is looking for supporters and volunteers.

Any Other Business

Village Assets: AP asks residents to let the forum know of any village assets so the forum is able to compile a register of village assets that may warrant protection.

Telecommunications Mast: Cllr Brian Little gives some history into getting a new mast in the village. A new proposal is to place a mast along Stanford Road, Southfields, Orsett near the junction with Grosvenor Road. The mast will be for O2 and if residents would like to oppose the location of the mast then they need to go to the council website to voice their objections. Cllr Brian Little also said the council will do more to advertise these types of proposals with the help of the Orsett Forum.

Fun Run: Peter Still gives a brief summary of the fun run which took place on Sunday 11th June 2017. He thanked many local residents and businesses that donated prizes and helped with the day. There were 50 runners this year. The fun run made £370 profit which was donated to the village hall.

Orsett in Bloom: Reminder - The open gardens day will take place on Sunday 9th July 2017.

Meeting closed at 21:40pm


Minutes of the AGM  

Date: 16/03/17

The meeting was opened by chair Alan Peaford at 19.45. There were 24 attendees.

Apologies from Jackie Fill, Keith Francis, Matt Jackson, Bill Styles, Anne Waller & Whitmore Arms.

Minutes of the inaugural forum meeting will be signed by Alan Peaford.

Treasurer’s report given by Francis Wilson. He explained that the forum’s starting fund was £2400 as given by Thurrock Borough Council. The Orsett Christmas Fayre raised £1600, with £600 costs. The current balance for the forum stands at £3400. Francis provided copies of this report and explained that so far no one has charged the forum and many have helped the forum for free, such as Clippo who built the stage for the Orsett Christmas Fayre.

AGM commenced with Kim Towlson explaining the process, Alan Peaford stepping down as chairman, Angela Wilson stepping down as secretary, Francis Wilson stepping down as Treasurer, Keith Francis stepping down as vice-chair as well as the stepping down of all committee members, Letrois Bernard, Joe Pigg, Peter Still & Bill Styles. Alan Peaford, Angela Wilson, Francis Wilson and Peter Still exited the meeting room. Kim Towlson asked if there was anybody in attendance that would like to be on the committee. With no response, he proceeded to reappoint Alan Peaford as Chairman, Angela Wilson as Secretary, Francis Wilson as Treasurer and Keith Francis as Vice-Chair for a second term. All candidates were proposed and seconded by attendees.

David Shaddock informed the room that Bill Styles would no longer like to be on the committee therefore Kim Towlson informed residents that another committee member would be needed. Mel Williams (Bonners Residents Association) volunteered and is joining Letrois Bernard, Joe Pigg and Peter Still as a committee member.

Alan Peaford, Angela Wilson, Francis Wilson and Peter Still reentered the meeting room.

Alan Peaford formally closed the AGM at 8pm.



16th March 2017

The meeting immediately followed the Annual General Meeting and began at 8pm 

Orsett Hospital Development - Mel Williams relayed information to attendees relating to the Essex Success Regime (successregimeessex.co.uk), detailing that there is a current investigation looking at the cost of healthcare countywide. Peter Still also stated that he attended a similar meeting. Mel Williams invited attendees to take some leaflets with them. The idea of these meetings was to look at cost effectiveness between the Mid Essex, Southend and Basildon hospital trusts, with Thurrock CCG looking at healthcare within the borough. Thurrock Borough Council would like four health hubs (Purfleet, Tilbury, South Ockendon and Corringham). Mel Williams also explained that Orsett Hospitals future is linked with Basildon Hospital and once the Essex Success Regime is known Basildon and Thurrock hospital trust will review their estate. It was noted that 90% of treatment does not need to be at a hospital.

Mel Williams also confirmed that A&E facilities would still be available at Broomfield, Basildon and Southend Hospitals. Basildon Hospital cannot make decisions on Orsett Hospital until a consultation has taken place. Any decision around Orsett Hospital is likely to be made around 2018 at the earliest. Peter Still added that 90% of hospital visits would stay local.

Cllr S Little explained that she had attended meetings and pointed out that they exclude working people due to the timing of such meetings. She also explained the differences between the three main hospitals in mid/south Essex and that Basildon will likely stay as it is as it covers a wide area. Cllr S Little informed the room that £250k had been given to out of hours centres, such as one along Long Lane, Stifford Clays allowing people to get late/short notice doctors’ appointments. The Long Lane site has 66 acres so there is space to grow if needed. Cllr S Little also briefly summarised the changes to blood tests at Orsett Hospital and highlighted that many users of the hospital come from Brentwood or other parts of Essex. She also clarified that the hospital trust owns the whole site.

Angela Savage thanked Mel Williams and Peter Still for attending the various meetings on behalf of the forum.

Other Developments

Masts - Alan Peaford asked Cllrs Sue and Brian Little about the proposed telecommunications mast near the Orsett Cock. Both councilors stated that they have not heard anything back.

Tilbury Docks – Peter Still discussed the potential development at Tilbury Docks which is due to go to a borough wide consultation (as stated by Cllr B Little). The Port of London Authority has purchased the old Tilbury power station with plans to expand the docks. Resident Adrian Short explained that the port only own half the site as the other half is owned by a German company who want to build a new power station on their half of the site. Cllr B Little informed that English Heritage will work with the port to ensure that Tilbury Fort is safeguarded from development.

Lower Thames Crossing – Alan Peaford asked Cllr B Little for an update re the LTC. Cllr B Little explained that we are all awaiting a decision which may mean that sense may be prevailing. Highways England are doing ecological surveys across Thurrock.

A13 Widening – Cllr B Little discussed the widening plans with residents and said that Thurrock Borough Council are currently waiting for the funds to become available from Government. The widening is not linked to the LTC and money has been allocated for the widening scheme. Widening is due to take place towards the latter part of the year.

Orsett Christmas Fayre – Angela Wilson stated that the forum will arrange a second Orsett Christmas Fayre with amended times and better lighting, she urged residents to spread the word and those with ideas for the event are more than welcome to let her know how to improve the festivities. The mayor and local MP have both been invited.

The fayre will take place on Saturday 9th December 2017

Orsett Show – Georgina Clark, secretary of the Orsett Show addressed the room as she wants villagers to be more involved with the show, such as the Orsett allotment group etc. She discussed the history of the 115 year old show and is keen to retain the country show ethos. Angela Wilson mentioned the cost of attending the Orsett Show may put off local people from attending. Georgina answered that it is cheaper than similar events at Barleylands and you do get a great deal for your money, children under 16 are free and it is £10 for adults or £8 concession tickets. The Port of Tilbury is the main sponsor this year. Mel Williams asked for a larger focus on food and drink, other residents asked about the equestrian side of the show. Georgina stated that the heavy horses will be back this year and potentially show jumping. A number of Barleylands attractions have signed up for the Orsett Show as Barleylands are no longer doing their country show after 35 years of competing with Orsett. Sheep shearing may be available at the Orsett Show as well. Peter Still commented that the Orsett Show needed to be more fun. Georgina Clark answered that there are new activities such as floral art being available. Francis Wilson mentioned that Georgina should get in touch with TV crews as they could present the weather from the show on the day. Alan Peaford thanked Georgina for speaking at the meeting.

Neighbourhood Watch – Roger Passfield, Chair of Neighbourhood Watch Thurrock addressed the room. He discussed the workings of neighbourhood watch and that they are trying to cut crime within Thurrock. He explained that there have been a spate of car thefts and break ins across Essex and urged people to be vigilant. Tracey Pigg explained that with Facebook and social media information is shared very quickly. Joe Pigg stated that most villagers look out for one another and keep an eye on what’s going on locally. Roger explained that there are distinct advantages with neighbourhood watch such as discounts on locks and contents insurance. Roger also said that Essex Police do care about crime within Thurrock. Residents Dot Blake and Adrian Short dispute this point as they had an incident where Essex Police failed to deal with the crime in a satisfactory manner. Roger was happy to take this up with Essex Police on behalf of the residents. Adrian Short explained that Orsett is covered poorly by the local Police, more so now when the village actually has more residents than in the past.

Any Other Business

Essex Village of the Year – Letrois Bernard briefly explained that the forum would like to enter Orsett into the Essex Village of the Year competition and will liaise with the various community groups to draw up a statement that must be submitted by 7th April 2017. Residents seemed happy with this proposal.

Community Funding - Alan Peaford explained that there are funds available for community projects.

Dog Bins - Cllr S Little mentioned that Orsett in Bloom have helped her get new dog bins for the village.

Doctors Corner – Alan Peaford explained the improvements that are happening to slow traffic at the bend near Cherry Orchard Farm. Cllrs Sue and Brian Little gave a more detailed analysis.

Other Thurrock Improvements – Cllr B Little stated that Stanford Le Hope Station is being redesigned and there will be a new underpass at Grays Station.

Fun Run – Peter Still gave some information regarding the summer fun run through the village. The date has been set for 11th June 2017 and he asked for helpers and suggestions for where the money raised should go; the parish church or the village hall being suggested by residents.

Alan Peaford stated the next open meeting for the Orsett Forum will be on 29th June 2017

Meeting closed at 21:10

Orsett Forum Committee 2017-8

Alan Peaford – Chairman

Keith Francis – Vice Chairman

Angela Wilson – Secretary

Francis Wilson – Treasurer

Letrois Bernard – Committee Member

Joe Pigg – Committee Member

Peter Still – Committee Member

Mel Williams - Committee Member



Minutes of Open Forum held at the Churches’ Centre, Orsett on January 12th 2017



The meeting was opened by chair Alan Peaford at 19.35. There were 14 attendees.

Apologies from Letrois Bernard, Keith Francis and Bill Styles.

Francis Wilson gave a summary of finances, the tombola alone organised by Angela raised £1015profit from the Christmas Fair £1021 as it stands, some adjustments may be made to that figure, giving a bank balance of £3395.

Matters arising - Joe Pigg asked about left over tombola prizes Angela Savage said around 150 prizes were received and a small number were not drawn. Peter Still asked if all prize donors had been officially thanked Angela said that all were thanked at the time and the larger donors would receive letters. Adrian Short asked if other organisations such as the churches had made a profit; Angela confirmed they had and quoted some amounts for charities such as St Lukes, Guide Dogs for the Blind, The Women's Institute, but the figures had not been collated as their funds are for their own purposes.

It was suggested from the floor that the outcome from the fair should be published in the Hobnob (a piece had been submitted to the Thurrock Gazette but not published).

Roads and TrafficKim Towlson informed us that the speed notification signs were working again. There are plans to add yellow lines in school lane to improve safety. There was an accident on the bend just north of Coles farm in which a car flipped onto its roof. Councillor Sue Little had written to the council and they had replied recommending / planning to refresh the white lines and add catseyes and reflective posts. Adrian suggested moving the start of the 30 limit from its existing position by the farm cottages to the far side of the s-bend. Kim said the Community Speed Watch would resume next week it had stopped as some operators had dropped out but new ones were being recruited and trained. He explained that they could only operate in specific areas defined by the police.

Thames CrossingKim and Matt Jackson said there had been no announcement; the new prime minister and transport minister may be reviewing the whole traffic picture before making a decision. Francis has spoken in person to the transport minister. In his absence, Keith Francis suggested removing the now tattered and over-familiar “No Crossing” campaign signs and posters to improve general appearance. Kim pointed out that they were largely out of date / inaccurate now. This was discussed and agreed, with the advantage that an effective response to any changes could then be made with newly designed posters.

Building development / future of the hospital – Bill Styles has written to the CEO; the chief executive replied that they were making a routine assessment of assets. However information from Stephen Metcalfe M.P. says otherwise a meeting of the Public Health Services Committee is planned for 16th February and the release of land for housing development is on the agenda. Mel said she understood there was a covenant from the original gift of the hospital site that required a health facility to be maintained on the site. She also said that there was a restriction on significant change of use of healthcare sites. Another attendee said there was already a “running down” process underway e.g. consultations are still taking place at the eye clinic but patients must visit Southend for any treatment.

Second cricket pitch potential development no information available but Francis pointed out that no football pitch markings were made this year.

Phone mast – an application has now been made for a 15 metre, 6 antennae mast adjacent to the Orsett Cock roundabout this is probably on the narrow strip between Stanford Road and the A13 westbound on slip. This will provide a 4G signal to the Bonners estate, the village, the A13 cutting and possibly Horndon on the Hill. Cllr Sue Little supports this application and the forum agreed with this.

Angela told the attendees that the “shocking” lamp-posts that have been lighting up the eyes of dogs using their facility in Rectory Road have now been disconnected and will be repaired.

Orsett Christmas Fayrethe chair thanked everyone involved for their hard work and dedication, those who allowed us to use their electricity and also the companies that provided equipment, closed the road and built the stage. Feedback from the stallholders indicated that most if not all want to do it again. There was positive feedback also from all acts on the stage. Angela thanked Kim personally for his input based on his experience organising the Feast and Fair, Dot Blake for her help in distributing flyers and Joe for the excellent clean-up. Mel said nobody would have guessed it was our first event.

It was admitted that lighting at the eastern end of the High Road was an issue with some stalls totally unlit. Peter and Joe had attempted to install the rope light that had been bought but couldnt make the end connection. It will be checked out later. It was suggested that the event starts and finishes earlier say, 2 to 6 p.m. with road closure from 12 to 8 this would allow more time to set up and dismantle, and allow daylight visitors such as those with young children.

Joe suggested a stall to promote the forum Angela said that we had a Forum stall (with a banner on it) but that we were short of other helpers and the same people were stuck on it for the entire event. The tombola was being run from the same stall, with Angela, her friend & Letrois and Zena being there all of the time. Some people thought that other stalls having tombolas was too much, but this was their own decision, they hadnt told us they would be running one and would be difficult to prevent. A rota would need to be drawn up so the organisers could have a break and see the other stalls etc (Matt, Jackie Fill and Francis were also stuck on the stage all evening). It was agreed to do it again next year and 9th December was proposed; Kim will inform Thurrock Safety Action Group.

AGM will take place on 16th March 7.30 p.m. at (Churches Centre?)

Any Other Business -

Communication: There has been difficulty reaching people that were not “on line”. Alan suggested a maildrop outlining events and functions of the forum, also to use all the noticeboards available.

Bridleways – apparently the council have an old document that states horses can be ridden in all parks as long as the rider takes due care. They are looking at the possibility of joining up bridleways; Councillor Brian Little, who arrived late after attending another forum (bringing the attendees to 15)said there were funds available to encourage exercise and fitness.

Fly tipping –(Adrian?) suggested enabling small operators to use civic amenities site at low or no cost to reduce temptation to dump in lanes etc. but Brian said this would cause objections from ratepayers.

Congestion and speeding at Orsett Cock Roundabout Adrian asked if a 50 limit was appropriate, Brian, who is portfolio holder for roads, said there were difficulties associated with changing speed limit here and that the roundabout would be reorganised at the time of the A13 widening; this is awaiting approval of funds from government. Brian will aim to limit the effect of these works on the village.

The meeting closed at 9.25 p.m.


Minutes of Open Forum held at the Churches’ Centre, Orsett on September 22nd 2016.


The meeting started at 19.45. 18 people attended. In attendance were: Alan Peaford (chair), Bill Ellerd-Styles, Peter Still (minutes). Matt Jackson representing the Bonners community and Cllr Brian Little represented our elected councillors, Kim Towlson, chair of Horndon Forum represented our neighbouring villages. Also registered were Sue Wellard; Helen Catterick; Bruce Sampson; Peter Curtis; Adrian Short; Michael Waterman; Lorraine Roast; Jackie Wood; Myrna Tucker; and Sheila Fursedonne

Apologies for absence were received from Hon Sec Angela Savage, Treasurer Francis Wilson, and Forum committee members Joe Pigg, Letrois Bernard and Keith Francis.


Francis Wilson had reported by email that there is £2399 in the Forum’s funds.


A rumour had circulated on social media that Orsett hospital may be demolished to make way for housing. There is no confirmation of this – no planning application has been made, it was suggested that this may be a “review of assets”. The Forum agreed to send a letter to the hospital executive for clarification. One attendee stated there was an historic agreement to retain some health services on the site.

Phone mast – no application has been made as yet for the proposed site on the showground adjacent to A13 or any other site in the Forum area. This appears to be the preferred location as it gives the best coverage for the village, Bonners and A13 cutting.

Speed Watch – Kim explained the process, indicated the team’s focus on the morning school run period. There were concerns that after the school run times, there was a rise in speeding motorists. Kim said more numbers were required to expand the monitoring and appealed for more volunteers to be trained.

Speed limit signage – On behalf of the three villages, Kim had written to the council for a 20 mph zone to be implemented in the direct area around the school. Cllr Brian Little said the council is investigating the possibility of having a 20 limit in all the villages. A show of hands indicated an overall agreement with this although some thought it was not practical. The distinction between demarked 20 zone and general 20 limit was made. Peter Still asked if a “repeat” speed limit sign could be placed in the gap where there are no houses in the High Road, as many cars accelerate there.

The Council had inspected the illuminating speed signs and had promised to repair them.

Roundabout at Rectory Road / School Lane – Following complaints and concern about road safety due to motorists parking on or adjacent to the mini-roundabout, the council has confirmed that yellow lines will be placed on and around this junction.

The “Welcome to Orsett” signs are to be placed in Conways Road, to match the other signs at Baker Street, High Road and Rectory Road. Letrois had reported previously that the signs are in design and the council is being pressed to hurry up with the work. In response to a question , it was confirmed the council had said we cannot have mock gates (as per Bulphan and Horndon) as they would interfere with access.

Weight restrictions – Brian Little discussed issues with junctions and weight restriction signage, the problems with HGVs driving through and making an insignificant dropoff. Council investigating.

Potholes – several have been filled with the new system under trial and although they look untidy, they appear to be holding up well. Residents asked to see how they cope with winter weather. It was asked if the council should raise their standards regarding how bad a hole has to be before it is filled.

Play area in School Lane – Following concerns expressed at a previous Forum, the council has agreed to trim the hedge that partly divides the toddlers’ and children’s areas to improve visibility for carers. The dog waste bin will be, or may already have been, moved to a better location. Sheila Fursedonnne drew our attention to the issue of dog walkers throwing plastic bags of dog waste into bushes. She also pointed out the problem of horse droppings on the pavements and questioned whether horses should be on the pavement.

As Kim is meeting with the Thurrock Bridleways group which is in touch with many local stables, he agreed to ask them to remind riders to avoid the pavements where possible.

Outdoor gym for adults – Treasurer Francis Wilson sent a message that no external grants had been located at this time. The Forum is continuing to investigate this. Residents were referred us to a similar installation in Bulphan to get an idea of what was proposed.

Bridleways and cycle paths – the council is pursuing a plan to join these up to make a continual route from Langdon Hills to the Mardyke Valley. It was asked if horses are allowed on the recreation ground. The council are considering and considering a designated area.

Christmas Fayre proposed for 10th December – The initial concept is to bring the community together with an opportunity for different groups and organisations to showcase their activities and raise funds with some other specialist stalls to offer goods and food as well as some entertainment. The event is proposed from 2pm-8pm

Outline plans submitted to Thurrock Council for this event including closure of part of the High Road has not received any negative response from either council, Safety Action Group or police – however there have been few volunteers to organise the event which led to a question from the Forum whether to continue with the event.

There was general approval for the idea. It was discussed with Sheila whether the Christmas tree that Orsett in Bloom donate to the church can have an official “turning on” – to be confirmed. Church representatives showed their support for the project. The events during the preceeding week – Christingle, Pudding Night and Nativity on the Pound – would provide an opportunity for last-minute publicity. Also posters could be put in our and other villages, inserted in newspapers etc. A coordinated display of Christmas lights along the High Road was also suggested. It was emphasised that the fayre would not focus on a commercial theme.

A number of volunteers expressed an interest in helping. It was agreed that Alan would prepare a mailer to be delivered to every household to explain what was going on; an appeal for volunteers would also go on social media.

Lower Thames Crossing - Matt Jackson informed us that the Highways Agency has yet to report to Parliament. Discussions suggest that this will be late this year or start of next year. As yet no route has been fixed; in response to Highways’ insistence that Option D is dead, the action group has reluctantly shifted its support to Option A route 14 (A14) which would be a long deep tunnel from the M25 at South Ockendon to M25 south of its junction with the A2.

Any other business

Previous minutes: Adrian Short raised a correction from the previous Forum meeting regarding risk to the children’s play area at the ‘Rec from the cricket. He pointed out that his question had been “How many times had a cricket ball landed in the play area?’ and not how many children had been hit by a cricket ball.

Regarding the outcome of a minute where the village hall committee had asked if we could allocate some funds toward the installation of a sound limiter it is understood have now installed this with their own funding.

Constitution: Peter Curtis raised a query on the constitution of the forum. He asked when the AGM was due, why there were “open” and “closed” meetings, what we were doing with the funding we had received and stated that we should be transparent in all our proceedings. The chair said that as we had only been up and running for about nine months, no AGM had taken place as yet and that very little use had been made of the funding beyond stationery – the discussions were to decide how and where those funds should be used.

Bill Styles pointed out that these “closed” meetings were just committee meetings that set the agenda of the full forum meetings and assigned tasks to committee members. He invited any interested in taking part to join the committee, who are all volunteers.

Alan Peaford explained that the current Forum committee had been largely “volunteered” in order to get momentum to establish a Forum and to secure the assigned funding. The next AGM would be in the first quarter of 2017.

Meeting closed at 21.30




Time and Date: 7:45 PM on Tuesday 14th June 2016

Location: Churches Centre, High Road, Orsett

Present Members:




Alan Peaford


Bill Styles


Angela Savage

Francis Wilson

Keith Francis





Peter Still


Joe Pigg

Letrois Bernard


Guests :


Cllr Brian Little

(Orsett Ward)


Chairman’s Welcome

Alan Peaford (AP) welcomed all for coming and explained that the Orsett Forum is there for residents. If there are any problems/issues within Orsett to please let the forum know.

Proposed Telecommunications Mast

AP recapped on the discussion which took place at the previous Orsett Forum open meeting regarding the proposed telecommunications mast. AP explained that a new site has now been chosen which is on the Orsett Showground, near the A13. This location would provide coverage for the vast majority of Orsett, including The Bonners and Southfields, and other than two cottages on the Stanford Road, would not be visible for most Orsett residents. The mast would also be disguised to blend in with the surrounding landscape.

Objections have been raised by some residents in School Lane, Orsett but it is worth noting the mast will be over 1km away from School Lane.

Cllr Brian Little (Cllr BL) explained that government policy makes it easier for phone masts to be placed where needed as they are deemed ‘Acceptable Applications’.

Recreation Facilities

Children’s Play Area:

A resident of Wingfield Drive, Orsett previously contacted the Forum suggesting that the under fives play area in the Orsett Recreation Ground could be improved as there is very little there for younger children.

AP asked attendees for their views.

Resident Adrian mentioned that there is already suitable equipment there. Joe Pigg (JP) asked whether a sign stating the intended children’s age could be added to deter older children from damaging any potential new equipment. Cherie asked why there is no fencing around the younger children’s play area whilst Deepak Mason mentioned that it was the responsibility of parents to supervise smaller children. Sheila Fursedonne highlighted that there should be a high fence to stop cricket balls flying into the play area given its close proximity to the cricket field. Cherie agreed whilst mentioning health and safety alone should see a fence put up around the play area. This would also deter dogs from entering the area. Adrian asks if there have been any incidents of cricket balls hitting children.

AP said that the Orsett Forum are in agreement that the separating hedge needs to be cut back so parents can supervise children on both sides of the play area. All residents in attendance agree. All present agree that a small children’s swing would be a welcome addition.

AP confirmed that fencing issues will be taken up by the Orsett Forum.

Dogs Excrement:

AP highlighted the current dog excrement issue throughout the village. He explained that the Orsett Forum thinks it is a good idea to get the dog bin on the Orsett Rec moved from its current location near the children’s play area to a more suitable location which may help deter dog owners from hanging their dogs mess bags in the hedges. AP stated that more dog bins are needed. All discuss how to find a solution to this problem. Many agree that it is the mindset of some dog owners, outsiders coming in to walk their dogs in Orsett and a lack of signage. Cllr BL informed that Bulphan have the same issue and if villagers report those who they know allow their dogs to foul on the pavements or litter the village with dogs mess bags then the council can take action against those individuals. Resident Adrian suggests more forceful signage. Mel Williams states that The Bonners have the same problem. Letrois Bernard (LB) to follow up on signage.

Village Hall Noise:

Deepak Masson explained that the Orsett Village Hall is looking for funding so a noise limiter can be put in place to calm noise in the late evenings. This would help residents on the Hospital Estate who face the hall as they currently suffer from noise pollution late at night. The total cost of the noise limiter is £975 but the village hall committee is seeking £300 from both the Orsett Forum and the Pickwick Club to go towards the cost of the limiter as their funds are running short. Committee and attendees were told that the Churches Centre has a noise limiter. Many residents asking is this really needed?

Deepak states that the village hall is taking more bookings from outside the village and some groups tend to be less sympathetic to the neighbours. Keith Francis (KF) agreed saying he can hear the noise from Orsett House. AP asked can’t the hiring costs cover the cost of a new limiter. JP asked what guarantees do we get if we do contribute the sum towards the noise limiter. Deepak stated that hiring fees cover all the basic bills and maintenance so there is very little left. The village hall committee is not keen to hike prices up so not to deter people from using the hall in the first place. The actual noise limiter costs £500 but it is the installation which pushes the price up. Mel Williams stated we should be supporting a good local facility.

KF suggests this is referred back to the Orsett Forum Committee. All committee members are in agreement.

Cllr BL spoke about a new council fund where local groups/organisations can bid for funding although the funding does not come from Thurrock Council itself. However groups would have to wait until April 2017 to apply for funding.

Kim Towlson, Chair of Horndon Society/Forum states that forums do not get direct funding themselves.



LB explained that the Orsett Forum has been campaigning for a new ‘Welcome to Orsett’ sign to be placed on the approach from Conways Road, Orsett. He explained that after a site meeting with Cllr Sue Little and Curtis Smith from Thurrock Council, the council has agreed to place a ‘welcome’ sign in that location. LB also informed the room that Thurrock Council is also going to place a similar ‘welcome’ sign on Baker Street for continuity. Sheila Fursedonne asked if LB could check that the current Orsett in Bloom (OIB) sign on Baker Street will not be replaced. Adrian also asked if LB could check the design of any new signage. LB to follow up on this.

Community Speedwatch/Speed Limit Proposal:

AP informed that drivers regularly drive at 38-40mph along the High Road, Orsett and up to 55mph along Baker Street, but do slow down when they see the Speedwatch team and the speed gun. If the speed limit was lowered to 20mph it would ensure that most drivers would be doing less than 30mph making the roads a great deal safer. Kim Towlson suggested starting by getting roads near the village school designated as 20mph zones as he is trying to do in Horndon on the Hill. Residents asked about the non working flashing speed signs on Rectory Road/Stifford Clays Road, Orsett. LB informed that the Orsett Forum and both cllrs are aware and Thurrock Council is currently seeing whether it is cheaper to clean the algae or replace them altogether.

Weight Restriction:

All present at the meeting agreed to having a weight restriction through the village but to allow for loading for the pubs/shop etc.

JP explained that much of the heavy farm traffic going to and from Cherry Orchard Farm, Orsett is due to there being a weighbridge at the farm so there is a lot of HGV movement between the various Cole estates at Horndon, West Tilbury and Orsett. Cllr BL said that this issue is common in many villages. The only way to stop such activity is to have proper infrastructure in place such as lorry parks (especially as Thurrock has growing ports), issue fines and police weight restrictions.

He urged residents to let him know of certain companies that are causing a nuisance. AP reminded Cllr BL that this is a major issue in Orsett.


AP highlighted both the FixMyStreet and Thurrock Report it App as ways to report potholes and flytipping. Mel Williams explained that the Report it app has been helpful on The Bonners where there is an issue with flytipping. Deepak Mason asked why flytipping is so bad lately and is there something Thurrock Council could do to make it less appealing to fly-tip. He suggested that maybe fees are too expensive but surely the cost of recovery must be greater. Mel Williams stated that over the recent bank holiday weekends Linford, Pitsea and Barleylands tips were all full and had to shut which could have had an impact on the increase on flytipping in the local area. Deepak Mason suggested that small cameras could be placed in known hotspots. Cllr BL and AP urged residents to report such activity.

Christmas Market Proposal

AP informed all that the Orsett Forum would like to hold a Christmas market, with stalls, mulled wine, lights, choir and a request to shut off part of High Road, Orsett. The date suggested is Saturday 10th December 2016. This coincides with the lighting of the village Christmas tree by OIB outside the church. Sheila Fursedonne confirmed that OIB would like a stall whilst AP said that the Rotary Club has agreed to bring Santa. Residents agreed that a sponsor is needed and a working subcommittee. Both AP and Francis Wilson (FW) stressed that someone is needed to lead this proposal so ask around and spread the word. Kim Towlson is happy to give advice and help get things started as he has experience running the Horndon Feast and Fayre. He informed the committee that he writes to residents in advance to let them know about road closures. Cllr BL stated that the Orsett Forum would have to put in for road closure early. Deepak Mason is happy to join the subcommittee. Adrian helped with the Orsett street party and said it may be a good idea to speak to the organisers for tips. Cherie has allowed the Orsett Forum to use the Churches Centre for warm drinks/snacks but would like any profit to go St Luke’s Hospice.

Forum Administration

Committee Vacancies:

AP advertised for new members and mentioned that an AGM will be held in early 2017. The Orsett Forum intend to meet roughly 4 times a year with emergency meetings called if needs be e.g. news of large developments or the LTC and adjoining motorway news. Kim Towlson suggested more meetings may be needed at a later stage, as they do in Horndon on the Hill. AP reiterated that the Orsett Forum needs new people to keep it going.

Cllr BL said he is happy to deliver Orsett Forum meeting leaflets letting residents know that the forum is here so ‘use it or lose it’. He also informed that Bulphan Forum only meet 4 times a year. Kim Towlson suggested to get the village school involved so parents are aware of the forums presence whilst Mel Williams said that social media is a good way to inform locals as well as sending the various local group (OIB, Village Hall, Bonners Residents Association) committees formal invitations to sit on the Orsett Forum committee. Cherie explained that she uses the village shop to help with her leaflet drop to advertise the Churches Centre. She is happy to put up Orsett Forum posters in the Churches Centre.

Role of the Forum:

JP asked what do residents want the forum to do? We are happy supporting local groups but getting people to help organise events such as the Christmas market would prove tricky. He continued that the Orsett Forum should be there to encourage not lead. Sheila Fursedonne explained that the forum should be there to help locals with issues rather than organising events. Mel Williams stated that small events can turn into something larger given time whilst AP stressed that the Forum has a role to bring the community together and improve both the village and community spirit.

Any Other Business

Lower Thames Crossing (LTC):

Kim Towlson updated the hall on the current situation with the LTC. Thurrock and Kent have joined forces to fight Option C. The Kent team are more advanced and have hired a barrister to help their fight. Option D is a non starter as it is too far from the current crossing so the campaign group is now pushing Option A route 14 forward whilst concluding that if Thurrock is to have another crossing than that would be the best solution. There is a meeting with the Port of Tilbury to try and get them on board with that option rather than any variant of Option C. Nearly all the 47k responses that have been sent to Highways England are against the current proposals. There will be several meetings/events held throughout the summer to keep the pressure on the Government and Highways England.

FW said he wrote to PM David Cameron and received a response from a Government minister who stated that all options are still on the table.

Clean for the Queen:

Both Kim Towlson and Mel Williams advertised the Clean for the Queen Day on The Bonners on Saturday 18th June 2016.

AP announced the next open forum meeting will be 22nd September 2016 at the Churches Centre.

Meeting Closed 9:30pm


19th January 2016 

FEBRUARY 23rd 2016 

Past minutes - previous Forum