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The New Community Centre

 The Vision for an Intergenerational Community Centre 

Our vision is stop the downward trend into deprivation and reverse it so that all residents of Aveley have the opportunities to try and meet their ambitions, to give them a village which is a thriving community of people who share in and benefit from the developing living environment, whether it is the social, economic, educational, health sectors that come together to form a happy and sustainable community.

 Our research has shown that the best way, for Aveley, is a Centre that will help all the residents of Aveley to meet their aims and aspirations. Our vision is for a state of the art Community Centre that supports all ages by

  • bringing services where people can access them easily
  • providing places where people of all ages can meet and mix in a friendly social area
  • providing facilities where people can develop skills or training
  • providing a purpose built Youth Centre where our young people can meet in safety
  • improving existing service provision and tailoring services to meet local needs and more.

 In our vision, local people, working together, will have the opportunity to be actively involved in the development and successful completion of this project.

 The vision for the Intergenerational Community Centre developed from an almost unanimous desire in Aveley to actively support our young people. They told us they wanted a place where they can meet and socialise, have leisure activities specifically designed by the young people themselves and access young people’s services (the Youth Centre). They wanted a place where they can develop educational skills and have access to information (the improved library). They wanted better sports activities (new halls and changing rooms).

 Our vision includes the whole of the community whether social or economic.  Our new hall, by being multi-use will allow better and more social activities. Our Enterprise Area will help new local businesses to start and make it easier for people to work close to where they live.

 Our vision is that the Intergenerational Community Centre will be both the focus and the stimuli for an Aveley tomorrow that is positive in outlook, where every resident has the opportunity to fully take part in an active and fruitful life, where all parts of the community live and work in harmony, where the community is strong enough to face the challenges of the future. 

Rt Hon Hazel Blears MP, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government

‘There isn’t a single service or development in Britain which hasn’t been improved by actively involving local people’ 

To read the full story of our plans and how we plan to make them happen please click on the link below:

The Vision for Aveley