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When a major construction site is planned /built there is a case for putting something back into the community, these are some of the latest deals.

Please see below a list of recent payments:-


Former Tilbury Leisure Centre, Brennan Road – 13/00146/FUL

£56,657 Additional Secondary Education facilities contribution received 25/06/2018, Education have allocated it for additional facilities at Olive Academy.

£21,338 Health facilities contribution received 25/06/2018, Health have allocated it for the Tilbury Integrated Healthy Living Centre.


Former St Chads School site – 14/01274/FUL

£485,740 Education contribution received 17/08/2018, Education have allocated it for the expansion of East Tilbury Primary and Nursery School.

£170,665 Recreation contribution received in 3 phased payments in 2016/2017, Environment have reserved this to enable completion of Active Place Strategy to enable decision based on understanding of current needs.


Land east of St Andrews Road – 10/50157/TTGOUT (Travis Perkins site)

£312,580 for Station accessibility contribution for the provision of improved pedestrian and cycle connectivity between the site and Tilbury town railway station and enhancement of Tilbury town railway station including the provision of enhanced bus waiting facilities along Dock Road, received 11/09/2015 Transportation have allocated it for Cycle improvements in addition to bus improvements of at least two bus stops which will include a lay by and the road layout in the area will require extensive highway work in the Capital programme 18/19 and 19/20.


Land east of St Andrews Road – 15/01483/FUL (Amazon and Island Sites)

£10,000 for Tilbury Hub space (or elsewhere) to be used for the provision of advertisement of employment opportunities at the development, received 20/09/2016 and project commenced in April 2018.

£351,739 for Tilbury/Gravesend passenger ferry escrow payment for £50k instalments to be paid to the ferry operator over 7 years on the anniversary of the first instalment, received 22/12/2016 and first payment started 17/18.

£221,797 for Travel Plan escrow payment for a monitoring period of 10 years for the investigation and implementation of additional travel planning measures agreed by the Tilbury Travel Plan Steering Group if car parking numbers in the decked car park consistently exceeds 1,080 in a inter shift period. The Council not to use sums without first serving notice and allowing owner to rectify breach; held in an interest account, received 21/08/2017.

£75,000 for Improved Cycle Links to the site including improvements to Thurrock Park Way and the proposed link to Manor Road, received 20/09/2016 Transportation have allocated it for the Capital programme 18/19 and 19/20.

£105,210.00 for A1089(T) Pedestrian/cycling facilities payment for improvement alongside the A1089(T) north of the Asda roundabout junction held for Highways England, received 20/09/2016 and transferred to HE 15/09/2017.

£50,000 for Cycle and Pedestrian crossing improvements on Thurrock Park Way (linking the site to Asda) including a Toucan crossing, received 20/09/2016 and transferred to HE 15/09/2017.


Tilbury 2 Power Station - 19/00135/DCO

£50,046 for Tilbury Ferry Escrow account  - Purchase, installation and maintenance (for 5 years) of real-time information boards at Port of Tilbury landing stage, Tilbury Town railway station on St Andrews Road & landside entrance to Town Pier in Gravesend and associated ferry-based equipment; complete installation within 6 months of first operation of the development, received 29/05/2019.

£29,027 for Gravesend Escrow account - Inform Gravesham Borough Council and they to identify one or more specific projects and the cost which will enhance the interpretation of heritage assets within the town of Gravesend, received 29/05/2019.

£112,000 plus indexing to be paid on first commercial operation for Tilbury Fort Escrow account - Inform English Heritage and they to identify one or more specific projects and the cost to realise tourism and heritage benefits at Tilbury Fort.




Clive Collins l Senior Business Improvement Officer – Planning, Transport and Public Protection l Place Directorate