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Public meetings for the Orsett Forum have been cancelled for the rest of 2020.

Open Forum, meetings were due in September and November but due to the ongoing pandemic the decision was taken to cancel the meetings.

Details of 2021 meetings will be given as soon as possible.

If the there is any serious issues that would require a public meeting then an emergency meeting will be convened and Orsett residents will be informed by as many means as possible. 



Public consultation meeting for LTC 

 There will be a consultation event at Orsett Hall on Monday 9th March which will run from 2pm – 8pm. Please note that there will also be consultation documents at the Orsett Stores.



 The Orsett Forum meeting, due to be held at the Churches Centre on February 4th is likely to be dominated by traffic issues.

With the supplementary consultation now open on the Highways England plans for amended Lower Thames Crossing, residents will hear an analysis of the changes, the possible impact and how their views can be incorporated into that consultation process.

Meanwhile Orsett Ward councillor Barry Johnson will be giving an update on the A13 widening project.

The impact of proposed parking restrictions will also be discussed - particularly the impact of some of these on the future viability of the Orsett Stores . The results of the online traffic survey of residents will also be reported on.

The meeting will begin at 7.45pm



Outdoor Gym opened

Orsett Forum officially opened the outdoor gym, built following  a successful grant  application from Thurrock Council.

TV weatherman - and Forum treasurer - Francis Wilson cut the ribbon in the presence of councillors Sue and Brian Little  to formally open the gym on Sunday morning.

Some 30 residents attended the event and enjoyed drinks and lunch in the nearby Orsett Cricket Club.

New chair of the Forum, Angela Savage welcomed the residents and said it had been an ambition to get the gym when the Forum was relaunched two years ago. "It seems incredible that we managed to do it."

Councillor Little also praised the Forum for its efforts. "I can't believe how much this group has achieved in the past two years," she said.

The gym is on the Orsett Rec and is available for use by residents at any time. 

Orsett Forum meeting is November 2nd at the Churches Centre in High Road.

Agenda will include, update on the broadband grant appeal' Update on the cricket club work and our outdoor gym application; Presentation from Friends of Orsett Church regarding the roof appeal; update on the plans for the Christmas Fayre.

Meeting begins at 7.45pm 








Bin collection days to change

The collection of bins across the Orsett area will change days from May 8th.

According to information from Thurrock Council bins in the village from Baker Street to Rectory Road will now be collected on a TUESDAY.

Bins in the Bonners area will now be collected on WEDNESDAYS.

Full details of the new collections are on the Council website www.thurrock.gov.uk/waste 

 /Thurrock-CF/UserFiles/Files/Orsett/Bin collection poster copy.jpg



Christmas Fayre given support to run again in 2017

 A date has been set for the Orsett Christmas Fayre for 2017. It will be in the High Road on December 9th.

The proposal to hold the Fayre again met with  unanimous approval at the January Open Forum meeting on January 12th.

Many stallholders have already expressed a wish to attend again. Charities which each raised hundreds of pounds and awareness of their work, are also  asking about returning.

An appeal for volunteers to join various working committees was made at the Forum meeting.

There were a number of suggestions from residents that are being adopted for 2017.

The event raised close to £1500 for the Forum's work and several thousand people attended during the 2016 event.

The 2017 event will start and end earlier and will have more lighting, more food and more stalls.

Further details will be given at the next Forum meeting on March 16th and on this site. 

AGM date set

Orsett forum will be holding its AGM at the Churches Centre, High Road Orsett on March 16th at 7.30pm.

Anybody wishing to stand for election to the Forum committee either as a committee member or as an officer would need to have submitted their name at least seven days before the meeting.

Details on how to do this, and what is required, will be given on the notice of meeting which will be delivered to every house in the Orsett Forum area. 

Forum supports plan for new mast in Orsett

The Orsett Forum has given its backing to a planning application for a new mobile phone mast beside the Orsett Cock roundabout between the slip road on to the westbound A13 and the eastbound A1306. The land is currently wasteground. 

All other options had been explored. The new mast should bring 4G level reception to those parts of the village not already receiving a regular signal, and would also improve coverage in the Bonners and surrounding areas.



New mobile phone mast plan revealed

A new location for the proposed cellular phone base station for the Orsett area has been unveiled by the consulting surveyors responsible for the project.

The new base station was required to provide new 2G/3G and 4G coverage in the area for Telefonica and Vodafone networks.

An earlier proposal for a mast based adjacent to Orsett School had been rejected by the Orsett Forum during consultation

Telefónica (O2) and Vodafone have subsequently been identifying a suitable site in the Orsett area for a radio base station. The installation is essential to give access to networks for emergency services as well as supporting mobile phone and wifi customers across the Orsett area which has suffered from poor coverage from these major carriers.

After rejecting a number of proposed alternatives along Stanford Road from the Orsett Business Park to the former Citroen dealership and the Voujon Indian restaurant at the Orsett Cock, a new location on the south west side of the Orsett Cock roundabout has been identified.

According to proposals the actual site location is located on adopted highway land off the roundabout south of the A13 at the junction of the A13 intersection/A1013 . The site has been chosen to avoid an impact on any residential or sensitive properties, with the site screened from surrounding views by the adjacent 10m trees.

The mast itself is a Phosco 4.5 monopole 15m mast, accommodating six antennas and two 600mm dishes, with two equipment cabinets at ground level on a 3.5 x 3.5m concrete base.

Because of the special nature of the mobile phone masts, it was explained at the recent Open Forum meeting that applications are very difficult to oppose, but the consultants involved, Galliford Try, have been very open to genuine concerns or suggestions. The area identified is among those that were offered up as suggestions by the Forum and the local councillors.

There is a two week consultation period to make comments .


Forum requests clarification over Orsett Hospital closure rumours

 Following reports on social media that the remaining parts of Orsett Hospital could close to make way for new housing,  the Forum secretariat was asked to seek clarification from the Hospital executive team.

A formal request has been sent from the Forum and copied to MP, Stephen Metcalfe. This is the content of the letter:


To :Mr Nigel Beverley,  Chairman, Board of Directors,

Reports of closure of Orsett Hospital

I am writing to you on behalf of the Orsett Forum, which represents people living in this part of Thurrock, to ask whether you can confirm or deny reports that Orsett Hospital is to close and the land is to be sold off for housing development, as happened when the major part of the hospital was shut and the wards transferred to Basildon. These accounts, which are gaining currency, apparently originate from NHS staff. The suggestion is that Orsett Hospital’s buildings are near the end of their economic lives, that the hospital trust wishes to centralise services, and closure and disposal of the site would produce a saving on wages as well as a cash injection.

While we have no certainty that these stories have substance it would not be useful to rehearse the arguments for retaining the hospital facilities in Orsett. However, you must be well aware that Thurrock people felt the loss of the original hospital very deeply, in particular the custom-built maternity unit as well as a stroke facility generally recognised as the best in southern England at the time. The surviving parts of the hospital are much appreciated and heavily used….. and could be more so if the trust chose to develop rather than curtail activity there. We understand that staff at Orsett Hospital believe that the bookings process, centred on Basildon, gives a misleading impression of demand and usage at Orsett.

For ordinary people relying on public transport or on friends for lifts, Basildon Hospital can seem a long, slow and expensive journey from Thurrock. For the elderly and unwell who find the distant parking, endless corridors and sheer size of Basildon intimidating and hard to negotiate, Orsett represents a welcome alternative for routine examinations, tests and day treatments. If you can quash any suggestion that Orsett Hospital’s final closure is likely, we would be most grateful.








Essex Savers Credit Union

Invite for families to share in Shakespeare anniversary event

Thurrock Council has invited Orsett residents to join in the celebration of William Shakespeare's 400th anniversary in a special event organised by its library service.

There is a special short version being produced to appeal to families (children over 10) and anyone who wants to try Shakespeare but may not be an expert

The two performance are at the South Ockendon Centre on the 20th April and Corringham Library on 21st.  Tickets for concessions £4, Adults £7 Spaces are limited and tickets can be purchased from the two libraries involved or from the Librarian Theatre website www.librariantheatre.com


Forum expresses concerns over phone mast location close to school

Following February’s Orsett Forum meeting discussion over proposals to place an mobile telephone mast beside Orsett School, the committee responded to the proposers.

It had been made clear that the proposal comes under “permitted development” rules, and as such the Forum could only object to the plan on the basis of visual amenity.

In the response the Forum said that the meeting was not totally convinced that the argument for the siting reflects the natural and understandable concern of many parents in the village about the close proximity of the mast to the infant/primary school as well as the mixed messages on phone mast safety coming from the United States.

Additionally it said the Forum is worried that the suggested site would mean that the comparatively short mast would leave the centre of Orsett in the "shadow" of Orsett Hospital, which stands on the crest of the hill between the exchange and the heart of the village, thus nullifying much of the local effects of an improved service. “Some of the hospital is low-rise, but there is a substantial block about five storeys high which would affect transmissions in the north-east quadrant...... not only the village but country roads beyond and the A128.”

The Forum presented applicants Arqiva with several other potential sites that could have the same reach as the proposed mast but away from village homes and schools.


Thames Crossing latest

Protesters at Grays 

Hundreds of Orsett residents attended the public protest at Grays town centre on Sunday objecting to the proposals by Highways England for a new Thames Crossing. Follow the link for the consultation document to join the objectors.

For further information