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** Living Willow Dome Planting **

Living Willow Dome Planting - 20th February 2010

Living Willow Dome collage  

Bulphan Villagers ranging in age from 2 weeks to over 80 gathered at Bulphan Recreation Ground (“The Park”) on a sunny Saturday morning in February.  They worked with living willow dome expert, Nick Hansen and Bulphan Village Community Forum to build a Living Willow Dome.    With a 10ft circle cut ready for planting, 2ft deep holes were made and the largest of the willow planted. Another set of 1 foot holes meant we could infill large willow sprigs (withies) then tie it all in at the top with a “God’s Eye”.  Next came the entrance, exit and windows, with ready-made portholes for windows and arches tied onto struts for doors.  After that came some weaving; one end of the willow was pushed into the ground, the other end woven around the main struts at a 45 degree angle.    Finally, we wove around the bottom and middle of the whole dome and all the helpers enjoyed a nice lunch afterwards.  


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