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                                    AIMS AND OBJECTIVES 

Orchards Community Forum is established to represent all those with an interest in the Orchards area. By working in partnership with all relevant interest groups, voluntary organisations, government departments, statutory authorities and individuals, the Orchards Community Forum seeks to provide for the improvement in the local environs for an involved and valued community.


The group shall be non-political and non-sectarian.


In order to become a member of the Orchards Community Forum you must be either a resident or work within the area known as Orchards. 


Orchards Community Forum will:

·         Provide an additional route for those in Orchards to raise concerns and issues on local matters and communicate these to Thurrock Council and partners.

·         Strengthen local community networks and develop constructive and effective partnerships between local people and organisations and the Council.

·         Aim to provide information to residents, businesses, groups, and interested parties within the local area, work towards developing a community spirit and hold local events that will bring the community together.

·         Achieve funding for local initiatives from Thurrock Council and from other relevant bodies/organisations as appropriate. Improve the general environment and amenities of Orchards and to represent Orchards in other matters of concern.

·         Promote the welfare, leisure and recreation of the local community. 

·         Liaise with Thurrock Council, Police and other bodies to achieve these aims.

Members shall always conduct themselves in a manner acceptable to the Orchards Community Forum when attending meetings or any function in connection with the Forum. In particular; all members shall abide by the aims and objectives as set out above. Failure to meet the required standards will result in exclusion of membership of the Forum.

All members should express a declaration of interest on financial matters or any other vested interest. This should be declared at the start of the any relevant meeting and all such members shall abstain from voting.


January 2019


27TH February 2019


Forum PlanterCommunity Forums are managed by volunteer committees. Their success depends on the ongoing support of the wider community. The allocation of funds is dependent on a number of criteria and guidelines. A forum will normally expect some ongoing support from residents / local organisations to the forum in return for negotiating the funding.