Grays Central Community Forum

Open Meeting

Tuesday December 9th, 2008



Attended: Geoffrey Nathan, Ross Bannister, Claire Bannister, Ursula Garwood, Vivienne Wright, Jean Dexter, PC Edore, Michael Peterson, Steve Veitch, B. Monk, Colin Baker, Sue Bloss, S Grover

Apologies: None.


1.      Meeting opened at 7.30pm. All welcomed.

2.      Apologies - none

3.      Minutes read

Change minutes from ‘closed’ to ‘open and agreed for 11th November 2008.

4.      Matters arising:


a)     Grays Scout Group have received the funding that they requested fro their centenary badges and we have received a letter of thanks.

b)     Pathway for Hathaway Road Park- discussion on the pathway layout in the park. A ‘ball’ park quote to be confirmed. RB spoke to Carol Spencer who works at the council and part of her job is to get forum plans sanctioned. GN to talk to Carol Spencer and report back to the next meeting.

c)     The change to most meetings being open, raised the issue of where the meetings are to be held. After discussion, it has been agreed with CB that all meetings will be held at the

Grays Baptist Church, Hathaway Road, Grays.



5.      Items for discussion


a)     Graffiti Community Project

          Sue Bloss, the Be Smart Education Officer, came to speak to the group about the community project that she is running.  She looks after the Be Smart agenda and has a school programme to run. Sue told the group about the Art Project at Tilbury Riverside and the success of the project. Some photographs were supplied to show the work . The plan is to refurbish the underpass near the former Woolworths store. A group of 25 students will be undertaking a 12 week Duke of Edinburgh course to design and then produce a piece of ‘Urban Art’. The theme will be – ‘Past, Present. Future’. The students will be from the Gateway Academy and some students who are not in full time education. The work when completed will be protected by 20 year anti-graffiti paint. Students will not only be completing the painting but will be required to clean up afterwards. The painting is due to start February half term. Sue will report back on proposal by the next meeting.

GN mentioned that the forum has available an anti-graffiti kit. Sue informed us that there are no legal graffiti walls in Grays.

There was a discussion about issues of ‘smells’. Sue informed the group that these issues should be directed to Peter Reynolds/ Colin Promfitt at Environmental Health. 


b)     North Grays Proposed Plan – State Cinema and other implications.

          RB informed the group of the exhibition being held at the library and encouraged everyone to go and look na dto also complete the survey about the plans.


c)     Neighbourhood Action Plan

          Ainsley discussed this plan with the group. It was suggested that 4 members from the group would meet monthly with other groups at Grays police station. This is to discuss police issues and them to try to tackle them and come up with some solutions. RB asked about the overlap of this group with TIAG. AK explained that the group he was proposing would tackle lower levels than that of TIAG. The group decided that, at this time, these issues are better dealt with through the group meetings but will revisit at a later date      

6.      Chairs Report

                   GN discussed the Playbuilders scheme. This scheme has money available of up to £50,000. A questionnaire, in association with ngage, has been sent to Quarry Hill School and the convent for students up to the age of 13 to complete. Questionnaire results to be collated by GN. The cost for the photocopying will be charged to the Grays Forum. Awaiting bill.


7.      Correspondence;


a)     Letter received from Mrs P Winter with request for funding for 3 tables and 12 chairs. This is for a group that meets at Stanley Lazell Hall. There is a possibility that there are some available at Oddfellows, tbc.

b)     Letter of thanks received from Grays Scout Group.

c)     Funding request received from Alison Baker to support the Arts and Craft Group held at the Church Hall. Funding agreed and to be paid from forum funds.

d)     Request for funding at Airey Neave Court for garden furniture of £545. Agreed to progress and appropriate forms will be completed and forwarded to appropriate office.


8.      Finance and Funding:

     Report from RB. Report on financial situation.

              £   1,839.42             in current account

              £    4047.76            in savings account

              £       14.01             Petty Cash

              £  5,901.19    Total

              £  9,300.00              in council bank account

              £ 15,201.19   Total


     We need to spend the allocated funding on projects in our forum area, all funding needs to be agreed at an Open Meeting.



9.      AOB:


a)     Clarification of money held by Grays Forum.

Two accounts held one current and one saving

One account held by TBC on our behalf

b)     Discussed and decided on number of items for the Adult fitness equipment for Hathaway Road Park.

c)     To investigate the condition of the children’s play equipment at the park. Report back next meeting.

d)     Discussed pathways in the park.

e)     Possible funding request arriving from The Piggs Corner Complex.

f)      Discussed the situation of rats at bus stop no.1. It was recommended that all sightings and issues regarding these animals to be reported to environmental health.

g)     Request to the community police to keep an eye on vunerable residents over the Christmas period. AK made note of specific addresses and informed the group that they would.

h)     Crime stats to be discussed at the next meeting. Crime stats to be forwarded to SV from RB and to be included on the forum website.



Meeting closed at 9.25pm


Next meeting Tuesday January 13th, 2009.