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Asset Based Community Development & Community Builders

So what is Asset Based Community Development (ABCD)?  This is new initiative sponsored by Thurrock Council and the Thurrock CVS where Communities are encouraged to grow closer using a Community Builder to find connectors such as Community Forums and other local organisations to build a network in your area of services mainly not available from our normal service providers . The Stifford Community Forum want to be part of this initiative whereby hopefully we can encourage the people of Stifford Clays and the whole of North Grays to form different groups together.

So how does it work?  One idea would be to pass on learning skills you would like to teach to others?  Or would you like to learn new skills?  The idea is for the Forum to introduce  the would be teachers and learners together.

For example ,Do you knit and would like to teach someone your skills, or would you like to learn to knit? 

                     Can you speak another language and would like to help someone speak language/

                     Are you a budding gardener and would like to pass on your expertises to others.

                     Are you a garden designer and can help someone redesign their garden.

                     Are you a good cook and would yo like to teach cooking, I'm sure Stifford Clays School could help there.

                     If not one to one then groups could be set up and if successful a page could be set up on this website

loneliness is a big issue in any area, can you devote time to help these people be part of the community again by organising visits or perhaps form a shopping club for those who find it difficult to leave the home.

Do you know anyone who has a garden going to waste that could be used by keen gardener to grow vegetables who cannot get an allotment

These are just a few examples of what could be done, I'm sure there are many more ideas that could help the community come together. 

 If you would like to be part of this scheme then please spread the word and contact the Stifford Community Forum and we will do our best to connect you to a partner or group.  info@stiffordcf.org.uk.

The Stifford Forum will open a message page on this website letting you know of any requests by you and,we will start to build on this.  This is This is the very beginning of this venture and hopefully in time to come will become a success.