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There are twenty Community Forums throughout Thurrock, they cover the whole of the Thurrock district.  

To contact them or view their web sites click on the following links.

West Area

Aveley CF info@aveleycf.org.uk www.aveleycf.org.uk/
Chafford Hundred CF info@chaffordhundredcf.org.uk www.chaffordhundredcf.org.uk/
Kenningtons CF info@kenningtonscf.org.uk www.kenningtonscf.org.uk/
Purfleet CF info@purfleetcf.org.uk www.purfleetcf.org.uk/
South Ockendon CF mailto:info@southockendoncf.org.ukk www.southockendoncf.org.uk/
West Thurrock & South Stifford CF info@wtstcf.org.uk www.wtstcf.org.uk/

Central Area

Grays Central CF  info@grayscentralcf.org.uk www.grayscentralcf.org.uk/
Little Thurrock CF info@Littlethurrockcf.org.uk www.littlethurrockcf.org.uk/
Orchards CF
(covers east Grays Area)
info@orchardscf.org.uk www.orchardscf.org.uk/
Thameside CF (covers Grays riverside & badgers Dene) info@thamesidecf.org.uk www.thamesidecf.org.uk/

Stifford CF (covers Nth Grays ward, Stifford, 
Clays Blackshots ,Woodside estate)    

info@stiffordcf.org.uk   www.stiffordcf.org.uk/

North East Area

Corringham and Fobbing CF info@corringhamfobbingcf.org.uk www.corringhamfobbingcf.org.uk/
Homesteads C.F. info@homesteadscf.org.uk www.homesteadscf.org.uk/
Stanford-Le-Hope CF info@stanfordcf.org.uk www.stanfordcf.org.uk/
Orsett CF  info@orsettcf.org.uk www.orsettcf.org.uk/
Horndon CF info@horndoncf.org.uk www.horndoncf.org.uk/
Bulphan CF info@bulphancf.org.uk www.bulphancf.org.uk/
South Area
Chadwell CF info@chadwellcf.org.uk www.chadwellcf.org.uk/
Tilbury CF   info@tilburycf.org.uk www.tilburycf.org.uk/

Welcome CF

(covers West & East Tilbury and Linford)

info@welcomcf.org.uk www.welcomcf.org.uk/