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Meetings Information

The next Stifford Community Forum open meeting will take place at The Baptist Church Hall, Premier Avenue, Socketts Heath on Monday 15th May,  commencing at 7-30 pm.  No Speaker has been arranged so far.  

 Conduct at Meetings 

When attending any meeting there are guidelines that need to be followed.

Although the Community Forum meetings are friendly and informal, order needs to be kept, especially when holding a public meeting, as often lots of people have something they would like to say. The Community Forum Code of Conduct is a simple document that guides the way the meeting should be run. Please read 


Minutes of Meetings

Open Meeting 20th March 2017 

Open Meeting 16th January 2017 

Open meeting and AGM 21st November 2016 

Open Meeting 18th July 2016 

Open Meeting 23rd May 2016 

 Open Meeting 21st March 2016

Open Meeting 18th January 2016


Open Meeting 16th November 2015 

Open Meeting 21st September 2015

Open Meeting 20th July 2015

Open Meeting 18th May 2015

Open Meeting 16th March 2015 

Open Meeting 19th January 2015 


Open Meeting and AGM 17th November 2014 

Open meeting 15th September 2014

Open Meeting 21st July 2014

Open meeting 19th May 2014

Open Meeting17th March 2014

Open Meeting 20th January 2014


Open Meeting and AGM 2nd December 2013

Open meeting 16 th September 2013

Open Meeting 20th May 2013

Open Meeting 18th March 2013

Open Meeting 21st January 2013


Open Meeting and AGM 29th October 2012

Chair Anual Report 2012

Open Meeting 17th September 2012

Open Meeting 21st May 2012

Open Meeting 19th March 2012

Open Meeting 16th January 2012  


Open Meeting & AGM 7th November 2011

Open Meeing 19th September 2011

Open Meeting 6th June 2011

Open Meeting 21st March 2011

Open Meeting 17th January 2011     


Open Meeting & AGM 1st November 2010

Open Meeting 7th June 2010

Open Meeting 15th March 2010

Open Meeting 18th January 2010


Open Meeting & AGM16th November 2009

Open Meeting 21st September 2009

Open Meeting 22nd June 2009

Open Meeting 23rd March 2009

Open meeting 19th January 2009


Open meeting and AGM 27th October 2008

Open meeting 22nd September 2008

Open meeting 30th June 2008

Open meeting 21st April 2008

Open meeting 18th February 2008


Open meeting and AGM 19th November 2007