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** Please note in person meetings are suspended currently due to Covid-19, is still informal discussion and information posted on the forum Facebook page.  **

We start virtual meetings in December 2020, the first on 16th December and will move back to same format of Last Thursday of each month in 2021. Meetings may be virtual in 2021 depending on the Covid-19 regulations and restrictions.

Meetings Information

No meetings are held usually in December or August.

There are no elections to membership of the the Forum. Anyone with an interest in our area can come along to meetings. We do have an annual AGM when we elect a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary.

The Vice Chair is DAVE BOWLING 
The Treasurer is FRASER MASSEY
The Secretary is CRIS BOWLING-COOK

Code of Conduct
When attending any meeting there are guidelines that need to be followed.
Although the Community Forum meetings are friendly and informal, order needs to be kept, especially when holding a public meeting as often lots of people have something they would like to say. The Community Forum Code of Conduct is a simple document that guides the way the meeting should be run. Please read