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Please find below the New Constitution for Chafford Hundred Community Forum, this came in to effect on 3rd March 2008 and replaces the previous constitution.  This includes amendments suggested to us by residents before the meeting and during the meeting.  This was approved by a unanimous vote of 35 votes for and nil against. 


1 )      Title
The name of the association shall be known as CHAFFORD HUNDRED COMMUNITY FORUM

2)      Objectives
Chafford Hundred  Community Forum is established to represent all those with an interest in Chafford Hundred and North Stifford  encompassed within the constituency catchment area working in partnership with all relevant interest groups, voluntary/community groups, government departments, statutory authorities and individuals, Chafford Hundred Community Forum seeks to provide for improvements within the local environs for an involved and valued community.

Chafford Hundred  Community Forum will:

  • Strengthen local community networks and develop constructive and effective partnerships between local people and the Council.
  • Provide an additional route for the public to raise concerns and issues on local matters and communicate these to Thurrock Council and other public agencies
  • Provide information to local residents, businesses, groups, and all interested parties within the local area, and work towards developing a community spirit by holding local events that will bring the community together.
  • Achieve funding for local initiatives from Thurrock Council, and from other relevant bodies/organisations as appropriate.
  • Form links with local health and education providers, alongside other service providers within the community.

The Chafford Hundred Community Forum shall be open to individuals, community groups, voluntary organisations, partnership agencies and business representatives that are based in, or have an interest in, the area as previously defined.

Each  organisation shall appoint one representative entitled to attend and vote on its behalf at general meetings of Chafford Hundred  Community Forum.  A deputy may be appointed where necessary.

Honorary members may be appointed at the discretion of the General Committee, and may include such bodies as Police Authorities, Primary Care Trust, and Local Ward Councillors.  Honorary members who are residents shall be entitled to vote.

Residents who attend a minimum of two meetings in the  period between AGMs will be entitled to vote and stand for  election  to the community forum committee at the AGM meeting, AGM’s are solely for the purpose of voting a committee.  There will be no other agenda.

Applications to stand for the forum committee will be accepted in a 14 day period beginning 21days prior to the AGM this period will be closed 7 days prior to the AGM and all applicants announced immediately.

Attendance sheets have to be made available by the forum committee at all meetings, it shall be the responsibility of all residents to complete and shall be added to a record of attendance to be kept by the forum committee.

All attendees shall at all times conduct themselves in a manner acceptable to the General Committee when attending meetings or any functions in connection with the Community Forum.  Failure to meet the required standard may result in exclusion from the Forum by agreement of the General Committee. 

4)      Community Forum Officers
A Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Chafford Hundred Community Forum and shall hold office to the conclusion of the following AGM, but shall be eligible for re-election. 

If any officer fails to attend more than three consecutive committee meetings without recorded apologies, they will be deemed to have resigned by default.

5)        Community Forum General Committee
The affairs of the Chafford Hundred  Community Forum shall be directed by a General Committee, which shall comprise of the Officers plus a maximum of six  other elected full members.

The members of the Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Chafford Hundred Community Forum and shall hold office for period of one year. Members shall be eligible for re-election excepting that no member shall hold office for more than three years.  On the expiry of such period one further year must elapse before any member again becomes eligible for re-election, unless there are no candidates for election.

The Chafford Hundred Community Forum may also co-opt committee members at a general meeting in the event of a vacancy on the committee.

Honorary Members shall be invited by the Committee to attend meetings and maintain a non voting status unless they are also a residents of Chafford Hundred and North Stifford where they are entitled to vote as a resident

If any committee member fails to attend more than three consecutive committee meetings without recorded apologies, they will be deemed to have resigned by default.

6)      Meetings of the Chafford Hundred Community Forum
An Annual General Meeting shall be held at a time and place determined by the General Committee giving the public at least 21 days notice of such all current forum  business should be made ready for handover at AGM in the event of a new committee being formed, all business can be transferred over within 14 days.  No more than 15 months shall have elapsed since the preceding AGM.  In exceptional circumstances, the Chair of the Committee may call a Special General Meeting if so requested in writing, signed by a minimum of ten full members of Chafford Hundred Community Forum and giving reasons for the request.

The General Committee shall meet not less than six times a year, the actual frequency and timing to be determined by the Committee.  All meetings shall be open to the public and to be held on a preset format (Agenda) and will end on Any Other Business.

Quorum - For a valid meeting to be held there must be at least two of the Officers plus three other full members in attendance. 

Voting    - At all times matters shall be decided by simple majority voting of the forum’s membership. In the case of an equality of votes, the Chair of the meeting shall have a second or casting vote.

Minutes  - Minutes of all meetings shall be maintained by the Secretary and approved by the General Committee.

7)      Finance
A bank account in the name of Chafford Hundred Community Forum shall be opened with a bank approved by the General Committee.  All cheques must be signed by both of the two authorised signatories.  This bank account will remain the property of the community with the forum committee as trustees.

The treasurer shall maintain accounting records and produce an annual summary.  The summary should be written off by an independent witness

A current financial report will be made available at each meeting. Subject to the request of two or more committee members, the accounts must be made available on 72 hours notice.

8)      Amendments to Constitution
Once adopted, the constitution may only be amended by reference to a Special General Meeting at which a majority of two thirds of those present, and eligible to vote, is required for ratification.  For eligibility to vote, a resident must have attended at least two meetings in the previous twelve months.

9)      Dissolution
In the event of the forum dissolving to be replaced by another (eg resignation) all documentation, bank accounts, currant projects equipment should be handed over to the new committee this should be completed within 14 days.

If the General Committee decide by a majority vote that the Chafford Hundred  Community Forum is to dissolve, a Special General Meeting shall be called to ratify that decision.  A majority of two thirds of those present and eligible (as in clause 8) to vote will be required to endorse the committee decision.  Any excess funds held at that time and available for distribution shall be donated to an agreed charity decided by the General Committee.

The Chafford Hundred Community Forum operates an Equal Opportunity Policy