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Policing & Community Safety

At the last meeting Paula Knowles, our local PCSO, reported that from 5th March  there were 5 dwelling burglaries, 3 burglaries other, 1 criminal damage, 2 criminal damage vehicles, 2 Dangerous Dogs, 1 Harassment, 1 theft of Motor vehicle, 2 thefts from Motor vehicle, and 1 case of shop lifting.  She reported that crime was up especially dwelling burglaries, and that all these had taken place during the day usually via the back door.  Coalhouse Fort had also suffered a break in but 2 of the perpetrators were caught when they went back the next day.  Paula again stressed that all doors must be double locked at all times.   There have been complaints once again regarding the yellow van that is parked opposite the bus stop making it difficult for people to cross the road to catch the bus.  Paula and John agreed to go and talk to the owner once again. The issue of illegal off-road motor bikes was also discussed at length. 

Motor Bikes are still a big problem in the area with some local residents being intimated whilst walking along the sea wall.  It doesn’t help matters that fences have been broken down.  Councillor John Purkiss said he would look into the health and safety of a ditch being dug around some of the areas to stop access.  The council is also looking at making Buckingham Hill Road a clearway to stop cars stopping to unload bikes opposite the dump. DHL, who own the land the land opposite the dump have shown no concern but one of our residents who a former DHL employee said he would contact the DHL management. 

In Response to problems raised by the WELCOM forum

What We Plan to Do

The issue of nuisance motorbikes across the borough is being addressed with
the installation of signage explaining powers which include seizing any
unauthorised vehicle. The signs are being put up in a variety of areas including
Gobions Park, Colne Field and Coalhouse Fort.
Dispersal orders continue to be used in appropriate areas across the borough
to address issues of Anti-social Behaviour.
We are introducing ‘No Cold Calling Areas’ at sheltered housing complexes
where required in Thurrock, to protect residents from rogue traders and
How You Can Help Us:
The Partners of the Thurrock Community Safety Partnership continue to work
to make your area safer and feel safer. Neighbourhood Policing Teams dedicate
80 per cent of their time patrolling your neighbourhood but they cannot be on
every street every minute of the day.
Everyone can make a difference in the fight against crime, ensuring they
secure their home, car, garage and shed and avoid leaving valuables on show.
Remember to shut all doors and windows and never leave your car running
while unattended. Property marking kits are also available from your local
police station. For more information about policing in your area visit
What We Plan to Do
We can only respond to issues if we are made aware of it. Please attend your
Community Forum and report incidents. If you have any ideas about how your
community can be improved forums are allocated budgets for this purpose.
To report Anti-social Behaviour call the
Community Protection Team on 01375 652211.
Contact Essex Police on 0300 333 4444 or
call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111

Neighbourhood Action Panel (NAP) 
A Neighbourhood Action Panel or(NAP) as it is often referred to,is a meeting with the police that is hosted by the Community Forums in Thurrock.  The meeting provides residents with an opportunity to talk about issues that affect their local area and to prioritise these issues and agree the necessary actions to tackle them.

If you click here you can see what the priorities have been set the local area, by selecting Thurrock and the local area you are enquiring about.

Take a look at our meeting dates to see when the next NAP meeting is.

Essex Police website 
To access this website and find out about crime figures in your area along with other  information click here.

Home Safety Advice
To read the latest advice from Essex Police on , click on the headings. 

Thurrock Neighbourhood Watch
Is a local voluntary non-sectarian organisation, set up to combat and reduce local crime and disorder? Our communications network bands together individual homes and streets across Thur­rock, in cooperation with Thurrock Police, Essex NHW and other interested organisations.

Street Coordinators are the key to NHW operation and a vital communication link between each Group and the rest of Thurrock NHW. Recruiting these key residents is our Number-One Task.

To find out more visit www.thurrockneighbourhoodwatch.co.uk/  or telephone 01375 640433