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Sainsburys Cash Machines

Please be aware that there is a gang working locally stealing credit and debit cards from people using cash machines.  

A member of the Stifford Forum was unfortunate to be a victim of this crime using the cash machine at Sainsbury’s in Chafford Hundred on Thursday 5th February.  The gang of two or more waited for this person to put in their code number and then set up a distraction by coming up and telling him not to use the machine by leaning over and waving papers on the machine and then the second person behind moves the trolley away and saying sorry.  By this time the first person takes the card out of the machine.  Within 5 minutes they have taken out £300-00.  The two men were identified, one tall and white with an Eastern European accent and the other is a short Asian with short black curly hair.  The car registration was taken by the shops security which is N292 MAD.  Please be careful when using these machines. 

This is another method used to defraud people at the cash point machines, click here to watch the power point presentation