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Thurrock Food Bank

Thurrock Food Bank (click link for mian website)

A CHARITY is offering struggling families in Thurrock a lifeline by handing out food parcels to those in need.

The Thurrock Foodbank is a collaborative initiative involving churches, community groups as well as health and council officials to provide nourishing food parcels to families and individuals across the borough.

The foodbank aims to distribute food boxes containing three days’ worth of food for one person from donations of tinned goods, meat, fish and fruit from churches and schools.

Russell Godward, leader of Thurrock Christian Fellowship and co-founder of the Thurrock branch, hopes the scheme will be able to deliver 7,000 food parcels in the next two years.

Mr Godward, 47, said: “It is a great idea and is something that Thurrock needs.

“It is a very community focused project and initial support for it has been overwhelming from churches, schools and community groups who want to get involved.

“We have looked at other foodbanks in the county and this project particularly benefits families with young children and single parent families.”

People in need will be identified by health care workers, GPs, school workers, as well as council officials. The parcels are intended to tide people over between registering for benefits and receiving the money.

The charity hopes the food parcels will tackle the increasing number of children growing up in poverty. Figures reveal in 2008 the borough had 7,335 children living in poverty with 6,100under the age of 11.

Mr Godward along with co-founder Graham Marshall are on the look out for a suitable sized warehouse to act as a base where food can be collected, stored and sorted.

Mr Godward added: “It is a very exciting project and will help people who are in a genuine crisis.”