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Waste & Recycling


Changes are to be made to the Waste and Re-cycling facilites in Thurrock which will affect all residents next year.  The council provides a waste management service  to help make the borough a cleaner, safer and more environmentally friendly place to live and work.

At our  Public meeting on the 8th May 2009 we invited a representative from Thurrock Council to tell us of the councils plans. 

We had a viewgraph presentation by Thurrock Council's Sharon Pritchard,  Waste & Recycling Education Officer who informed us on the waste and recycling changes that will affect residents next year. These changes include the opening of the new Recycling and Reuse Centre.

The presentation included the future development of waste and recycling for Thurrock residents and the success so far this year with reaching the  recycling targets set.  

The report of the presentation given at the meeting. 

"Sharon said the purpose of her presentation was to increase awareness of recycling. 30 million tons of waste is produced in the UK each year. It cost Thurrock £7 million pounds to dispose of its share.

Currently Thurrock recycles 33% with 67% going to landfill. It is estimated that Thurrock could recycle 60%.

Thurrock has to meet EU set targets for recycling. Land fill will eventually be full and will therefore not be available. We pay a landfill tax of £48/ton so it is clear we need to send less waste to landfill.

Currently we have in Thurrock a 2 weekly green sack collection with the collection sent to either Rainham or Pitsea for conversion into a soil improver that is sold to residents or given free to allotment holders.

Some residents have a brown bin in place of the green sack where garden refuse and kitchen waste is also recycled into a soil improver.

The fortnightly blue box collection is sent to Rainham MRF where the plastic paper and glass are separated. The glass can be crushed and used as a bunker material in place of sand

The weekly green bin waste goes entirely to landfill.

Some flats in the borough have metal, red and blue bins.

Sharon continued to say that the VEOLIA Civic Amenity site at Linford will accept many material and objects. Bulky waste is accepted at the Linford site, free of charge but there is a chargeable service through the council for collection of bulky waste from residences.

Items in good condition that can be reused should be offered to local charities such as St Luke’s, Salvation Army, Lady McFadden and British Heart Foundation. 2ndGeneration, at the old BATA site in Linford, will accept most furniture. FREECYCLE will take any unwanted items. Info available on the internet.

All libraries will take unwanted books and CD for re use.

Thurrock council is building a new reuse centre in St Clements way, West Thurrock and expects it to be operational late summer 2009. No general waste will be accepted at this site. This is with a grant, funded by the Thurrock Thames Gateway, of nearly 1 million pounds.

Sharon said the plan for the future is to provide each resident with 3 X 180 litre wheelie bins with a weekly collection.

A Blue wheelie bin for dry recyclables as with the current blue box scheme.

A Green/Black wheelie bin for landfill waste. Needs to be reduced to a minimum to reduce the landfill tax paid.

A Brown wheelie bin for kitchen and garden waste.

Sharon concluded by saying that the weekly collection of residual waste would not allow any side waste to be accepted for landfill. All waste must be contained within the wheelie bin"

For more information about waste and recycling in Thurrock, including collection schedules for the Green Bin,  Blue Box and Green Bag follow the link to the council website.       Thurrock Council waste web link