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What Did we Achieve Last Year?

Park   Planter

Anti social behaviour
So many residents came to us complaining about anti social behaviour that we made the decision to put this topic at the top of the Agenda.  We would start each meeting by discussing this problem and residents would let us know where the hotspots were, and when it was happening.  The Police are always present at our meetings so take away the information from residents.  We work together with the Police, local Councillors and community and we identify areas for Police to concentrate their efforts.

Residents regularly reported incidents of graffiti near their homes.  We as a Forum would either hand out graffiti kits that we were given by the Council, or reported severe graffiti to the Be Smart team at the Council.  We invited this team to one of our meetings who gave a talk about the support available to residents.  We also organised a Graffiti Clean Up day where the Forum members, residents and two local PCSOs Jackie and Stacey spent one morning cleaning as much graffiti as we could see on Chafford Hundred.  We also passed on information handed to us from the Be Smart team to residents that we met on the day.

Drake Road Park
Homeowners living adjacent to this park regularly complained to the Police and the Community Forum about late night noise coming from this park.  After a Police Operation in this area the problem reduced but did not go away.  Eventually the residents made a funding request for part of the money needed to fence this park off and the remainder of the money was secured by our local Councillor Garry Hague to finish the project.  The fence is now up and we are finalising the park shutting times with the residents and the Council and very soon this park will be locked each night.

Support Local Groups
We have continually supported local groups on Chafford Hundred such as the Playgroup who had a donation towards equipment out of our funding, the Over 50’s club who meet regularly on the estate.  We are in talks with the Youth Services about the future of the Youth Clubs in Chafford.  At the moment there is zero attendance on many club nights but we feel that with the right support they could run properly again.  We have also supported the creation of the North Stifford Group and have provided them with funding for their administration and two notice boards for the village.  Finally, we funded the new Doctor Patients Committee on Chafford Hundred which handles complaints against the Medical Centre.

We organised a new notice board to replace the broken board outside the station and make sure this board as well as the notice boards outside the Library and the Church are kept up to date with local information and events.  We have also negotiated with one of the Tesco stores that we can use a notice board inside the shop to publicise the Forum and local events.

In conjuction with Ngage we now have a new website http://www.chaffordhundredcf.org.uk/ which again we keep up to date with local news and events, as well as minutes from previous Forum meetings and details of future meetings.

Road signs
We facilitated a funding request for four signs on the boundaries of Chafford Hundred welcoming people to the area and warning drivers to drive carefully.  These are up already.

We have organised two events in the last 12 months.  One was a Race Night held at the Community Centre and the other was a New Years Disco.  Both of which sold out, were so successful, bringing different parts of the community together and through raffles on each night we were able to make contributions to local charities.

New Consitution
We recently amended the former constitution to a newer shorter version which is easier to understand.  We did this in conjunction with all the residents and amendments were made on the night that residents voted on the change.  The new constitution took effect immediately.

Devonshire Road
Controversial lifting of weight limits have been the main topic for discussion at the last two meetings and we will continue to facilitate meetings between residents, our local Councillors, the Police and the Highways department of Thurrock Council.  At the last meeting on this issue we also invited the neighbouring Forum along who had some useful information to add.

Planter at Railway Station
We funded a very attractive planter which is on the roundabout at the Railway Station which publicises the Forum.

Chafford Hundred Community Forum is one of twenty Forums in Thurrock and is run by volunteers.  We hold bi-monthly meetings to which all Chafford Hundred and North Stifford residents are welcome.  We are supported by Thurrock Council and our role is to bring the community together by facilitating meetings between residents and various bodies such as the Police and Council Departments.  We also have an allocation of approximately £11,000 per year to spend on local initiatives.  There are guidelines for this set by Thurrock Council who make the decision as to whether a funding request is approved or not.