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What Is A Community Forum?

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A Community Forum is a local forum made up of residents, community and voluntary groups, public sector bodies and local businesses to work together to address issues facing particular neighbourhoods.

The Chafford Hundred Community Forum has been developed as an opportunity for local people to have a real say on the issues that may affect them.

Meetings happen bi-monthly, and are organised by the Chafford Hundred Community Forum Executive team.  Meetings are informal and encourage everyone to take part.  Although the meetings are bi-monthly, the Executives often look at other activities and ways of engaging people to ensure they are fully representative.

The Chafford Hundred Community Forum gives people a greater say in the decisions that affect them.  The Forum feeds issues to the relevant groups and forums so that action can happen.

The Forum enables local people to design solutions not just present the problems.

Forums across Thurrock have achieved many successes.  These have included:
1. Supporting the development of improved play areas and youth facilities across the borough
2. Developing neighbourhood priorities
3. Leading community events and festivals
4. Enabling community consultations
5. Sharing and circulating information and news
6. Engaging a range of sectors, interests and groups
Plus many more....

What's in it for me?

Community Forums are truly community led.  You will get to meet other people who will also want to make a difference.  You will get the opportunity to network with groups and learn about new and exciting opportunities.

The Chafford Hundred Community Forum can help support your community activities as they develop.  Thurrock Council gives the Chafford Hundred Community Forum a sum of money each year to spend on local projects.  Ideas for such projects must be submitted to us, discussed at public meetings and voted on by the public.  This is great way for you to make a difference to the area you live in.

There are guidelines for funding requests - please contact us if you would like a copy of this document.

If you feel unable to participate in meetings please let us know and we will look at other ways you can get involved.

Best wishes,

Philomena, Jamie, Yvonne, Yaz and John
Chafford Hundred Community Forum